How to tune your guitar using your computer.

correct guitar tunings, as you know, is absolutely in all cases determines the sound quality of the song you.This may be invoked in a number of methods.At the same time with the development of modern computer technology should also pay attention to the question of how to tune your guitar using your computer, tuner, mobile gadget such as smartphone or tablet, or "by ear" using a tuning fork.

General concepts about the structure of guitar

In this section will be considered the correct setting of 6 and 12-string guitars.For those who do not know, it is particularly noteworthy that the main note in both cases are virtually identical.The difference in the structure consists in the fact that in the case of 12-stringed instrument used 6 pairs strings.Wherein the first (upper) pair of three notes are built in unison and the other four couples (lower) - using octave when one of the strings in a pair of sounds is an octave lower than a basic tone.

Actually, both types of instruments set up in several ways.Perhaps it is here and you can find a universal solution as to tune the guitar using a computer, although this method is particularly strong spread is not received.He is good, for example, for home use.

At concerts professional guitarists often use configuration tool with the help of a special device called a tuner, or "listening".Naturally, the first method is more convenient because it can be made all in silence.This can be seen even in the structure deviation guitar tenths of a percent.You understand that such dissonance the human ear is usually not able to perceive.The best that can be expected, it is the deviation of a quarter of an audible tone.Here and useful insight into how to tune the guitar using the tuner.But more about that later.

As for the guitar tuning "by ear", then this technique involves the time that a person must be, if not an absolute perception is very thin ears that can absorb variations in the strings in unison (if the setting is on the frets) or clarity, the intervals between two adjacent strings.To do this, really need to have a well-developed ears, able to capture not only the difference in the sound, but all dissonant vibrations and vibrations that are created if two strings sound even with a minimal difference.

As is clear, it is necessary to develop and improve their skills.When built using the definition of musical intervals, triads and chords sounding while plucking the strings of two or more can not hurt, and a good knowledge of ear training.It is believed that in music education, it is one of the most basic, except the ability to play the instrument.

All this methodology is also suitable for tuning your guitar with the help of computer systems and specialized software.That is to say, the basics.

How to tune your guitar 6-string

Now you can go directly to the setting.How to tune your guitar 6-string?The basic sequence from the first to the sixth string comprises of the second octave, the first octave C, salt of the first octave, re of the first octave, middle and low octave of the small octave.Note that in comparison with the piano musical notation, this system increased by one octave.For example, of the second octave on the guitar corresponds to the note of the first octave on the piano.

Now tuning "by ear" on the frets.First, hold down the second string at the V fret.The sound must be in unison with the open first string (ie. E. The same).This sequence of actions performed for all other pairs of strings except for a pair of second and third, where the operation is performed using the fourth fret.

How to set up a 12-string guitar

Setting the 12-string guitar on the main strings with frets made the same way.But, as mentioned above, the lower four pairs are the difference between an octave.In trouble, you can use the same rules, but do not clamp the basic and additional strings.

On the other hand, solving the problem of how to set up a 12-string guitar, you can use natural harmonics (as for 6-stringed instrument), but for the novice musician, this method is quite complicated.

use the tuner to tune guitars

tune your guitar using the tuner in such a situation is very simple.For the acoustic instruments in most cases, used false or microphone tuners that are responsive to vibrations of a string.

for electric guitar, you can use special linear tuners or inputs such as virtual.

Only in this case, the instrument is included in the connector of the tuner or saundkarty PC.By the way, here and useful understanding of the question of how to tune your guitar using your computer.

Computer software to customize guitars

As for the use of the software of such a plan, the majority of these applications are virtual tuners or guitar processors, which have in their arsenal of tools for customization.In principle, the solution to the problem of how to tune the guitar using a computer, the setting using the tuner fundamentally no different.

For proper settings, you can use simple applications like Guitar Tuner, which after removal of the sound (when a certain string in the box on the right) appears on the screen the percentage deviation, expressed in decibels.Then just adjust to each string to full compliance with the original frequency, and then press the button Play.There will be played the tone of each string tuned.

Among the applications of this type can be found quite a lot of free software, designed for different operating systems, computers and mobile gadgets.

The Strum Acoustic GS or in the popular Guitar Rig application the same algorithm.You must select the tab for the tuner settings and then compare the sound of the strings from the original frequency laid down in the program.For example, middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz.

In this first program is an emulator of the acoustic guitar, and the second - a full-fledged guitar processor.When the arrow will show the deviation value of zero (either in graphic performance, either in percentage or in decibels), you can congratulate yourself - setting made the most correct way.So it should be done for each of the six or twelve strings specific to the instrument itself.

In any case, both applications can work with acoustics and with the electrician.Again, they can be designed for an acoustic analysis of the incoming signal from a microphone or directly, when the guitar plugs into the sound card or headphone jack on the mobile gadget with a special adapter.As you can see, the question of how to tune your guitar using your computer, something is not particularly complex.