4 digit security guard.

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Many people think that the profession of security guard - not a profession but a part "just in case."However, it is not.And learning how and qualifications of the guard, who, it seems, is doing nothing important.

First of all, it should be noted that the guards have discharges that are assigned at recertification.The most common category of qualifying guard - the fourth.

In order to get a certificate marked it with 4 digits, you must undergo special training lasting at least 80 hours and pass an exam to qualify.

Obtaining certification can occur in two ways - through the Ministry of Interior or the PSC (Private Security Company).

ban on activities

on service in the security company or training at 4 digit security guard did not accept the following categories of citizens:

- minors;

- tried;

- incapacitated;

- with the accusation of a crime (to solve the problem);

- not trained;

- court debarred from serious positions in the structure of the Interior Ministry or any branch of government;

- civil servants who have naturally ceased authority.

Why trained

Most often many questions arise concerning the need for further training and passing the exam on the 4 digit security guard.Why do it?Why the 4th category of the most popular?

this and two subsequent discharge entitle the one who has the mark of official identification, use of weapons and special means of protection or defense.During the exam students' make check not only the basic knowledge of the theory of the studied material, but also practical skills for handling weapons and special means.

In addition, examination tickets guard 4 categories include questions on current legislation.As part of the test is to find out how much a citizen willing to serve as a guard and apply the law in their activities.

It must be remembered that the qualification of 4 category is to use only rubber truncheons (in extreme cases) or handcuffs, so the questions for the exam in similar ranks, and the responses are different.Answer is necessary because these powers for use of special equipment.

In addition, further questions will be addressed, which is actually a lot more in the exam fees.It will be given only the basic theme.

surrendering often point out that a lot of ridiculous exam questions, such as: "At what temperature the handcuffs will work with the factory efficiency?"

Not knowing the answers to these "pitfalls" threatens that future guard did not pass the exam.

Legal Training

first block, which contains 4 tickets discharge guard includes legal issues that relate specifically to the activities of the guard in terms of its powers to ensure the safety of the object and the people around him.

a lot of questions, they all relate to one or other regulations that are relevant to the activities of the security guard.These include, for example, include the Law "On private detective and security activities", which provides highlights of the functioning of similar structures on the principle of action with law enforcement authorities.However, detectives and security guards, the leading private activity, are not endowed with legal authority to the extent that they are representatives of the police.

Unlike the police, the guard has no right to conduct a search of the suspect - it can only delay it.

Content block

Questions guard 4 categories in the field of law include information such as:

- who can perform the duties of the security guard (can it be done by foreign citizens, persons under 18 years of age or tried, and so on. D.);

- what tools can be used guard (when crawling under detention at danger, and others.);

- in what ways the guard has the right to neutralize the offender and what security measures it can apply the law;

- whether the right guard to let law enforcement officials on the protected object, and so on. D.

Tactical Training

The next block is necessary to examine the issues that are associated with tactical and special training.Exam guard 4 categories provides such a check is mandatory, as the guard is necessary to know exactly how to act in a given situation.

This block includes the following topics:

- a variant of the action will pick guard when he heard a shot in the next room;

- what security measures are the most effective;

- if the object came a person who does not have documents allowing him to enter the territory of the object as a normative act can take advantage of a guard and let the person on the subject;

- how to isolate and identify the person in the crowd (on what grounds);

- what to do if far from the protected object a fight broke out;

- in some cases it is possible to deviate from the instructions and let the visitor in the night on the protected object, and so on. D.

Thus, in each of the issues understands the hypothetical possibility of the situation in the protected object.Exam guard 4 categories include these issues for the reason that when the real course of events the guard knew exactly how to do it and not get lost in a difficult situation.

Tehpodgotovka.What you should know

next set of questions relates to the technical training.This type of training in practice means the study of the technical properties of equipment and devices that will take advantage of when the work will be performed.Guard 4 digits must know how to operate and the name of each device.

In addition, the information transmitted in the messages is often a secret, so the guards need to know how to communicate by radio with the other guards at the facility that information is not made available to third parties.

Questions on the block

- which of the dialogues is correct (examples: "Volga, Volga, I have no time. / It Volga. What happened? / General arrived. / You got it. I'm going to open" and others);

- any sirens are used in fire alarm systems;

- both in the fire alarm signal is transmitted;

- a ban stipulated in the radio traffic reports;

- guard action when sending messages via radio and so on. D.

Examination tickets guard 4 digits are not randomly include these matters - the guard needs to know this information thoroughly.


Another set of questions aimed at testing knowledge about medical first aid to the victim.The security guard who works at the facility may face in their daily work not only with the usual functions, but also with the emergency.

Indicative list of questions:

- how to provide first aid person who has severe bleeding;

- what should be done if the airway is a foreign object;

- how to help the victim, if he found a chest wound;

- how to properly splint in injuries (shin, forearm, thigh, shoulder, and so on. D.);

- how to assist in thermal or chemical burns, and so on. D.

Special conditions

And the last block of theoretical questions that make up the category 4 tickets guard, includes information on the application of special protective measures.These include body armor, Armed helms, handcuffs, rubber sticks of various modifications.

list of questions (approximate and incomplete):

- which refers to a rubber stick telescopic;

- at what the optimal ambient temperature can be used handcuffs;

- in which model is used handcuffs connecting chain;

- that refers to the additional elements of armor and so on. D.

Thus, all of the above questions (illustrative list) identify the knowledge and skills in the theory of the guard.Private security guard 4 digits must know all the answers and be able to apply the knowledge in the performance of their duties.


To test skills, applied a special workshop, which consists of several exercises.

Exercise 1 - the subject is in front of a table on which lay a helmet 2 (1 and 3 class).For 20 seconds, the guard must wear a helmet on a mannequin and to report thereon.

Exercise 2 - the subject stands in front of a table on which is a vest 2 (1 and 5 classes).Within 20 seconds he has to wear a bullet-proof vest and to report thereon.

Exercise 3 - check is in front of the manikin at a distance of 1.5 meters.Within 20 seconds of the team he has put no less than 6 strokes on the permitted areas (for dummy) with a rubber truncheon, which was originally located in the boot.

Exercise 4 - guard is at a distance of 1.5 meters from the mannequin.On command, he should take them out and put on the cover of handcuffs on a mannequin (front or rear - depending on the assigned tasks) for 20 seconds.

Practical exercises demonstrate how well studied piece of information required for the category "4 digit security guard" in theory and in practice.


In order to pass the exam with flying colors and get a certificate of test and examination practice at the 4th rank, you must correctly answer all 7 questions, with two mistakes allowed.If not passed the exam - it can retake.The next level on the number of questions a little more mistakes practically unacceptable.

Test guard 4 digits - a sample of all of the above blocks.However, the hope that you are lucky, it is not necessary, since the probability of a "hit" precisely in those few questions that have been studied, practically zero.

also need to remember that there are times when the right of action and self-dependent life guard and safety.

citizen who passed the test discharge guard 4, shall be evaluated once every five years, unless a claim to training on the 5th or 6th level.

work in shifts

employee (private security), which has a certificate of 4 bits, can work almost anywhere that requires this type of activity.Most often, the protection of objects necessary in places where to organize automated protection is not possible for technical reasons, or it is available, but partially.That is why the work in this area involved the guard 4 digits.

watch involves being in a certain place set time employment contract, followed by the weekend.For example, 15/15 - working 15 days, 15 - days off.Or another, more convenient version of the work, agreed with the employee.

higher discharge from the guard, the more in demand in the labor market.The guard 4 categories in Moscow is required for work in the city and region, as well as in nearby towns.At the same time, employers not only require a valid document the private security guard with a discharge, but also the availability of expertise.


often a certificate which confirms 4 digit security guard called the license.The license shall be issued a security guard with a certificate of completion of training and a right to engage in private security activities.

must be remembered that the guard, who is serving in the security company, not engage in this activity.

Licensing guards performed in a specialized department of law enforcement agencies (the same place where the license is issued on the weapon).Obtaining such a document it is associated with some costs for medical examination (with the obligatory mark of the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist) and the need to pay a state fee of 1,200 rubles.

It is in this department inspector direct citizen training (provide information about the list of schools that are educational activities in this area).

After the organization is selected, you must check for the license of this LEU, and then pay for training, which is usually from 8 to 14 thousand rubles.