How to Build a brick fireplace with his hands

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How to build a brick fireplace with his hands?If you ask yourself this question, then this article is for you.

First of all you need to have the desire, without which any work or is doomed to failure, or will be done somehow.

Building fire - it is a serious business and treat it "carelessly" should not be.Otherwise, you are wasting both time and money.

However, we assume that the time you read this article, the desire to build a brick fireplace with your hands you have, you are firmly set and you are not afraid of difficulties, so we can get down to business.

So, to build their own fire must first be patient, because it will leave you at least a month.First you need to decide poryadovkoy.Here we must note two important points: firstly, we should pay attention to the area of ​​the room, which is designed fireplace (its correct operation depends on its compliance with the volume of the room sizes);Second, analyze the complexity of poryadovkoy (if you are an amateur in the furnace case, choose a simple version of the fireplace or poryadovkoy medium difficulty).

After selecting poryadovkoy, you can proceed to purchase and preparation of materials, tools and equipment.As a rule, poryadovkoy fireplace must be accompanied by the specification required for construction materials and devices with their required number, size, and other parameters.

Here is a sample (but not necessarily final) list of what you need:

- ceramic and / or refractory bricks;

- clay and sand for making masonry clay-sand mortar;

- furnace equipment: the clean, ash-pit door and fly the camera shutter;

- stainless steel sheets for the screen;

- stainless steel pipe for the device chimney (flue may be laid out in brick);

- roofing felt;

- mason tools: trowel (trowel), hammer, pick, jointing, power and plumb, square, level building, rule, tape measure;

- Angle Grinder (Bulgarian) for the treatment and cutting of bricks;

- containers of different volume (buckets, boxes, etc.) for mixing and storage solution, soaking the bricks, delivery of water and loose materials, etc.

- sieve and / or a metal mesh for sifting sand and clay straining weight;

- forests and bridges.

If all of the above you have managed to buy, you can start the construction of the fireplace.Experience with brickwork be desirable, but not necessary.Just keep in mind that if the experience of bricklaying you have, the self-construction chimney, is likely to be quite protracted affair.

should say a few words about the theoretical training, as one desire and that all the necessary materials for a home device will not be enough.It is important and necessary to know the theory: how to choose the position of the fire place, how to prepare mortar, how to masonry, cut and process the bricks.

Do you know what's inside your fireplace, from which structural elements it is, and what is the principle of its work?Without the answers to these and many other questions, you do not build a fire!

This article is only exploratory in nature and is intended rather to make you understand that the construction of the fireplace with your hands - it's not a simple matter, which should be thoroughly cooked.The site for the construction and repair their own hands, you will find, if not all, most of the answers to questions about how to build a fireplace with his hands.The author detailed, step-by-step talks about it.Powered many illustrations with explanations for each stage of construction, will cover a few poryadovok with fireplaces for different rooms, and more ...

Please read the literature, then think again and decide: whether to proceed with the construction of the fireplace or independent ....

Good luck and all the best!