As another scare original and unexpected?

Boring training and everyday work, dreary daily sometimes so eager to diversify some bright and unforgettable event.Also noisy parties and picnics, there are many other ways to cheer up yourself and others.For example, to play friends.Drawing in this case may be funny, funny or scary.If you do decide to opt for the latter, remember that really scare the man, causing chilling fear and frantic heartbeat, it is not easy.This requires time, training, the right moment.Yes, and you chose a method of how to scare each other, must be original, really terrible and at the same time safe for the life and health of the "victim."We bring you the 5 most frightening drawings that can be arranged at home, outdoors, in the office of the day or night.

«Spiders in the bed»

The draw for the neighbor (neighbor) in the room.Take the thread, have built one similarity lump and hide it under the sheet point guard taking the other end of the thread (coil) his bed.Light, of course, you have to put out.Once an unsuspecting neighbor, lies in his bed for the purpose of safely go into the world of dreams, your mission - to slowly pull the thread to yourself.The effect is stunning - a neighbor, feeling underneath something creeps certainly imagine a spider and terribly frightened.If the fear of insects - also has a phobia and a "victim", the pleasure of drawing you will be provided!

«Ghost in the darkness»

If you play more than anything afraid of the dark (which is common to many people at any age), variations on the theme "How to scare a friend" you have set.Why not make him an even greater fear?Invite a friend to yourself and turn off the lights in the house at the moment when he least ready for it.Then hide from him, leaving his friend perplexed and eerie atmosphere.Next scenario could develop in two directions:

  1. Put glowing in the dark hideous mask.
  2. Or, donning a white sheet, bring a flashlight to his mouth.

take appropriate kind of quietly stand in the darkest corner of the room, trying not to make a sound."Victim", looking around in bewilderment in the dark and gradually starting to panic, and soon you will see ... the effect will exceed all expectations!You can enjoy the wild cries of horror and chilling your friend.

«Night earthquake»

for this draw is desirable involvement of several persons.If your company is a cheerful thought long about how to scare each other all together - the earthquake joke for this fit perfectly.Its essence lies in the fact that over the sleeping man stretched sheet, and then he actively awakened wild cries that an earthquake, everything collapses, falling ceiling.Man asleep terribly frightened and certainly will be accepted to keep the "ceiling" or quickly run out of the room.Definitely, the horror of the victim draw, laughter and fond memories are guaranteed!


Another night joke that will help answer the question of how to scare each other in the dark, is as follows: to peacefully sleeping man wear sunglasses, put out the light, and then wake him.The subject awoke in the dark and not knowing what lies in glasses asleep imagine that blind and survive a few terrible minutes, until the guess to remove the "salt" jokes.The draw for hard sleepers.

Stories unexpected end

The drawing is based on the effect of surprise, rather primitive, but can frighten people, and even very much.Scarecrow for a friend is to unsuspecting "victims" to tell any story - at first glance harmless, ordinary or intriguing - to your taste.The main thing with this - do not smile or laugh, look into his eyes, but do not give the type that friend is waiting for something unusual.The story should end your sharp cry, accompanied by a jump or assaults another.Man, unaware of such antics, wild zaoret and possibly hit you with something heavy.But the joke is that ?!

course, intended to draw to lift the mood and leave pleasant memories.But before I scare each other, make sure that he had strong nerves and a healthy heart, otherwise the results could be disastrous.