Realtor - it's for the profession?

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The people involved in real estate transactions, the question often arises: "What is a Realtor?" This is a specialist in this field providing brokerage services (buying, selling).He brings buyers and sellers to conclude deals, and then receive remuneration for their services as a percentage of the total.Now the realtor real estate - a very popular profession, especially since it can learn almost anyone, not even to get an education.But to succeed in this business can be only one.

What is a realtor?

This word comes to us from the English language and translates as "real estate agent".For our country, the specialty "realtor" is quite young, as it officially appeared only in the late twentieth century.But unofficially, of course, much earlier.In Russia, even in 1907 there was a newspaper called "Collection of supply and demand", which presented the data about the objects of real estate.In Soviet times, the modern analogue agencies were "Bureau of sharing living space", carried out the mediation of employment, delivery of and renting of housing.

in US history specialty "realtor, real estate" has more than eighty years.But not everyone has the right to call themselves so.It can do only realtors, registered in the National Association.In addition, the term «realtor» is a trademark and is written in all dictionaries with a capital letter.

Specialization and responsibilities

Currently realtor - a profession is divided into a number of narrow specializations.Main areas: commercial real estate, secondary market, buildings, houses and land.But professional duties are similar in almost all specializations:

  • search of clients and properties.
  • Support and registration of transactions.
  • advertising and promotion projects.
  • show objects.
  • Consulting clients.

Personality realtor.Ability and desire to communicate with customers

It is difficult to calculate how much the agent meets people during the year.Sometimes hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people.And each of them has its own life - troubles and successes, problems and joys.Therefore, the main quality of a good realtor - the ability to communicate with people of different character and social status.And no less important is the ability to convince them.The most important thing in the work of the agent - is not so much the selection of a suitable option (although this is important), but the ability to convince the customer that the proposed site - the best on the whole market.

desire to help clients

for each transaction are hiding certain human problems.A good agent - a teacher and a doctor in one "bottle".It is difficult to imagine a good teacher without love for children and patience.Or the doctor who puts diagnoses without consulting the patient.The same applies to the realtor.If he did not understand the specific situation, I did not know about the reasons for the sale of real estate, what is he able to help?

All real estate is a piece goods, and similar objects as well as the same people who just did not happen.And participate in the transaction of at least three of them - the agent, the seller and buyer.Also in the latter two may be relatives, friends, and other "experts" whose opinion is able to influence the outcome of the transaction.And yet realtor real estate should consider and keep in mind more than 100 ethical, aesthetic, technical, legal and financial factors, reacting instantly to any changes.Of course, that without the patience and love are not enough.


Most people believe that tomorrow will be a magician and immediately make them rich, happy and healthy.It is clear that this will not happen, because every man creates his own destiny.Be responsible - it means to take responsibility for everything that happens in life events.Of course, easier to blame others.But remember, only you are responsible for your own actions both at work and in life.And only as a result of all your decisions will just get better or worse.

ability to be an entrepreneur

This word is derived from the verb "take".There is no innate plumbers, accountants, lawyers and physicians, as well as innate Realtors.To succeed, you must master the technical, personal and business skills.Their acquisition - is an ongoing process, changing with the development of new ways of doing things and the supply of fresh information.

If you think that you will sit in a warm office and fend off crowds of grateful customers, we hasten to disappoint you.In the area of ​​comfort not found the money.I'll have to regularly go out into the world and with the help of creative, unconventional methods to attract your services to interested clients.In most cases, you constantly have to make money from nothing.But behind all this will be the main thing - qualified assistance to the client.

Pros profession

The main plus specialty "realtor" - is accessibility.Become a professional will be able to absolutely anyone with the ability to improve and desire to succeed.It is not important neither sex nor age nor social status of the applicant for the position.

great prospects this specialty promises to those who are planning to start their own business.The private realtor or agent, registering your company, limited to minimal capital investment.But success is possible only if daily and hard work.

definite plus specialty:

  • communication with people of different status.
  • Flexible.
  • high income.

The latter advantage is worth mentioning separately.In terms of earnings realtor profession it is one of the most promising.In some cases, the amount of the reward can be up to several thousand dollars.The average salary of a specialist in Russia is about 50 thousand rubles.And the best realtor in a particular field receives at least 100 thousand.

Cons profession

Surely you've heard the saying "wolf legs are fed."It is quite applicable to the profession of real estate agent.Hence the "swim" and the main shortcomings:

  • Irregular working hours. Agent must always adapt to the client and make appointments at a convenient time.And it may be very early in the morning and quite late in the evening.Well, if you want, you have to work on weekends and holidays.
  • dependence on the results of the salary. Few agent receives a salary.Most receive only a percentage of the transaction.Therefore, revenues will directly depend on how much the agent "accumulates."Those who are well motivate, spends time out of the office.These professionals are always busy with something: show the object, meet with clients or working with the database.

must say that society is very ambivalent about this profession as a realtor.Reviews most people probably negative.This attitude has arisen not just.Surely the news you have heard the term, as black realtors.Communication with them can lead to loss of this property, and in the worst case - the loss of life.Therefore, the real experts are making huge efforts in order to earn the trust of customers and "whiten" the profession in the eyes of society.

Where can I learn?

Realtor - it is a profession, which is not taught in any university of the country.You either teach around at work, or go on courses organized by real estate agencies and staffing companies.But after graduation, you can safely apply this knowledge into practice and gain experience.