Compatibility of the Virgin and Virgin in marriage: different aspects

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union of the two Virgins, like any other union representatives have the same sign of the zodiac, it is rather ambiguous.Of course, they are very similar in nature: both are sensible, pragmatic and a little nerdy.But their relationship no spark.Representatives of this star sign is very predictable, each of you can guess the next step, not a visionary.What is the compatibility of the Virgin and Virgin in marriage, what awaits them on the road to marital happiness, this article will tell.Let's begin.

Compatibility Virgin and Virgin in marriage: the aspect of emotions

Initially, they will be kept together common interests and similar views on life.But gradually they get bored with each other, about the compatibility of the Virgin warns married.Woman with regret to admit that her husband might surprise only in their knowledge and work.Yes, the man Deva said that the best gift for my wife's birthday - a story about how he millisecond calculated the rate of fall of the ball from their balconies.Despite the fact that the woman - the same zodiac sign with her husband, she would beg him to look into silence.One day she wants to fly away to someone more interesting than, say, Leo bright.The success of the respect of the characters depends on whether they can look for a partner in the mirror, and see in it their own shortcomings and begin to change for the sake of their halves.

Compatibility Virgin and Virgin in marriage: life

This is one of the standard families of the zodiac, whose house is always the all-clear to sterility.They will be happy together engaged in cleaning, reading, cooking and child rearing.Children of may have a hard time with these parents, because they will bring up the "flower of life" in severity, even severity.Dev will not work on any child's tears, nor his pleas.Any manifestation of emotions they feel weakness and teach children from childhood to be strong and restrained.These are parents who say their child: "Do not be a child!ยป

Compatibility Virgin and Virgin in marriage: sexual aspect

In bed, these partners will also find mutual understanding, of course, if fate does not play a cruel joke with them anddo not put them into sexual gender planet signs.True Virgin hate vulgarity, but if they have signs of the above impurities, they will not mind experimenting in bed.Then the "pure" representative of this zodiac sign is, to put it mildly, shocked and immediately run away.If all they have gender planets "right", then everything is fine.Their sex life is characterized by a greater tenderness than passion and impetuosity.What matters is that in the eternal quest for accuracy and thoroughness, the pair did not start schedule lovemaking.They need to understand that love is not like the plans, boredom and monotony.Virgo must understand that it is completely non-sexual - be predictable conservative.Without change there is no development.Their relationship may simply wither under a thick layer of dust, caught up with the habit and the reluctance to move forward.For love can be and should be changed, as the compatibility of the Virgin and speaks of love.