Doors and their history

As soon as the door does not drag!Religious group is named after the door, the door of the works written by a bunch of probably one of the most famous - "The Door in the Wall" by HG Wells, endow their mysterious role in many areas of art whether it be music, film, theater or literature.When it is not clear what lies behind it - it's a thrill, fear and delight, and excitement, and many other emotions that are caused by anticipation and unpredictability of what is going on behind the door.

our ancestors age-old passion as tired to sit in a cave entrance guard with a stick to protect a house from enemies.So in those days I realized someone privoloch stone to the door.Vekovat became much painless.In addition, such as if, custom pretty good form as missing girl in front of him, a distant roots - a clever man is first passed to the cave his beautiful half to check whether there is not waded vrazhiny or animals.Yes, if safety was paramount.This applies to the current door.Exterior doors, of course, protect the homes from unauthorized access and environmental influences, it is their immediate destination.But how important are tremendous interior doors!

Who besides demarcation rooms, thermal insulation and shumonepronitsaemosti, interior doors play a tremendous role in creating the interior.The rooms in the Asian style purchased paper walls in the home of high-tech look great doors that can boast yet impeccable style.In suburban homes and delightful look at the cottage interior doors made of wood.sliding, folding, with built-in cupboards, a rotating, baffled, arched, accordion, salon-type - what only not!Locks can be found beneath everything, because now it is made of materials other than creative designers reputable manufacturers who have a lot of diplomas.

nowadays very easy to choose the doors Kiev just taste.There is a chance to become the owner as a very modest, and the best door - depends on the amount with which you intend to say goodbye and preferences.Besides, it is possible enough experiment!Take sliding doors and partitions or some original doors of innovative and non-standard collection with non-trivial patterns that will proudly your apartment.

arranging a magical atmosphere and comfort with the help of interior doors, saktsentiruyte attention to finishes and materials, and think about how they will look with furniture apartment in which you want them to leave.After all, the door can not only refine and update the room, perfectly harmonizing, but also make the apartment stupid, so all you need in a sense of proportion and a sense of beauty.

In general, no matter what door you did not buy, even if it will serve a long time, creating comfort and, of course, to caress the eye.