Planning an advertising campaign on the Internet

Today, the use of the Internet for marketing purposes is a separate activity, to understand that only by experienced professionals.In some cases, it is competent to develop an advertising campaign on the web, implying innovative moves in the drafting of a media plan and a parallel work to promote a product or brand is a virtual space that contributes to the organization from the competition becomes the absolute leader.

If you decide to engage in the promotion of its products, brands, services in the network, you should first clear that in such a phrase as "Online advertising" is the key word is "advertising."And the Internet is merely acts as a means of delivering information to the consumer.Therefore the main steps in this process remain unchanged.

planning an advertising campaign: the basic steps

1. Define goals and objectives (an increase in sales or brand loyalty or brand, promoting a brand new product, etc.).

2. Set the target audience.

3. Carry out a preliminary selection of advertising sites.

4. Select the media size (in this case - websites, social networks, forums, etc.).

5. Make up a media plan and optimize it.

planning an advertising campaign on the choice of advertising platforms and media formats

As practice shows, the most common are the following criteria:

1. I'll always come to this site.

2. I sell furniture, but this site is just about it.

3. This resource has a listing of one of my competitors.

4. This site offers good discounts on advertising.

5. This resource has a beautiful, eye-catching design.

6. On this site, I never went and had not even heard about it, then it's bad.

Such selection criteria can result in a lot more, but most of them are completely biased media planning and to this have no relationship.Do not evaluate a particular advertising platform to their subjective feelings.Evaluating the effectiveness of placing their ads on a particular resource should be subject only real numbers (in particular, the cost of attracting audience and its scope).

planning an advertising campaign, and with regards to the choice of the site, and select the format of the media is entirely dependent on its goals.So, if you aspire to a change in the attitude of consumers to the brand, or a brand, it is necessary to reach the target audience was the maximum.This should be the ones to choose the media (for example, banners), who performed at a high professional level, creative and clearly visible on a page of the site.

If you focus on sales, even the best quality banner you in this not particularly help.It is important to attract the target audience to your company website that perfectly interesting features.The text of the product should be attractive, persuasive, informative and easy to understand.

planning an advertising campaign on the choice of the target audience

most probably the common phrase that can be found in the relevant section of the media plan, as follows: "People who have an active life position, and whose income is above average."

no words, such a definition of the target audience and the beautiful melody, but, in fact, nothing concrete we can not say.And use it in such matters as the development of an advertising campaign on the Internet, we can never, as well as give an objective definition of what is a must represent the most "active position".

identify the target audience - is to take over the information that will help us in planning.Therefore, at this stage it is important to have an understanding of the parameters of CA, which we can influence.For example, if our product is only for blondes - it's good.But the web is not going to help us in any way.Under no circumstances we will not be separated from the red blondes, brunettes and bald.

segmentation of the audience on the Internet can be carried out only by parameters such as:

- geographical origin;

- age;

- floor;

- interests;

- the clear interest in this product.

In accordance with the above criteria, and should select a target audience.So, if you intend to distribute its product only in Moscow, then choose the ones advertising platforms, where with the help of technical means possible to limit the display of your banner Only residents of the capital.If this is not possible, you should check the share of Muscovites in the audience of each resource through special open counters and choose the area where the figure is highest.