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It just so happened that many of the facts we have in Russia since ancient times distorted.So much so that to reach people or rumors or gossip.And now, in the lexicon of modern man in the street the concept of "witch doctor", "witch", "witch", "magician" and so on. N. Means the same thing.This is wrong, because every word has its value and should not be confused.Let's look at each separately.

Witch (Sage)

this word we used to call the people who were suspected of impure matters, referring to their relationship with the dark forces.They are credited with the ability to bewitch and otvorazhivat, prophesy and heal.In fact it is not.

Word witch vedun come from the word "Veda" and "Veda"."Veda" means "know" and "Vedas" in Russia called our old letter writing.Witch or Sage called wise, literate person.As a rule, they were the elders, seasoned experiences and a lot to see in my lifetime.These people always went for the wise advice.

In today's world, such people can be compared to psychologists, only with more advanced features.

Sage knew human psychology and natural medicine, I can give advice on how to save your home and yourself from the evil eye.With Sage counsel when should sow the crop and where better to build a new house.He knew the laws of the nature and knew how to use them.However, for ordinary people Witching science has always remained a mystery, so they often feared.

For example, people have long feared because of the full moon witch, full moon, which make forays into the mysterious forest.

In fact, everything is simple.Full moon - the best time to collect some medicinal herbs, it is the full moon, they have more power.That village sorceress-grandmother, the local purpose-Telnice and collected at the time the grass.

Alas, ignorant people from ignorance of the truth shifted all their own way.

Witch Witch, in contrast to the all-knowing Incanter was extremely busy affairs medicine.

And if vedun only gave advice on what and how should be done in one or another situation, a witch doctor was engaged in healing practice.This is a real doctor in the modern version.Only in his arsenal it is not pills and injections, and grass and drugs.Healers collected herbs, extracts prepared, treated not only adults and small children, but cattle and domestics.In short, the doctor and veterinarian in one person.


With regard to sorcerers, is more complicated.In order not to indulge in long arguments, except to say that in our present world, a magician - a hypnotist.

word "magician" comes from the actions of "enchantment deyat", ie inducing a person trance state.This skill is not too complain, because of the magician could expect anything, including evil thoughts.

Warlock (witch)

word witch can be deciphered as "tung count" - "drive number" and "Kolo deyat."Colo in common - a wheel or circle.It was understood as "making a circle."

nothing but evil, these people are not carried.The essence of their lives - to harm others, nasylat disease, damage, etc. ohmuryatIt was believed that the sorcerer or witch have the ability to turn into pigs, cats (hence all the famous black cat), crows and other birds and animals.In this guise night they attacked the man, causing injuries.

Such opportunities do exist, the only difference is that the very "transformation" occurred somewhat differently.Warlock (witch) fell into a special state of unconsciousness resembling a coma.Their body is at home, and to instill consciousness in their chosen animal.They have seen through his eyes, hear through his ears and ran all his body on your own.

However, such actions risked witch herself be maimed or killed.As soon as a man maim or kill an animal, as it is immediately reflected in the body of the witch.

The people are of the opinion that in the old sorcerer, nor transferred to anybody of his power, when dying, will suffer in terrible pain.

This is true because the witch craft - is not nothing but a dark force that lives in the body of the sorcerer

waste in the other world, the witch tries to beckon someone from the audience to the hand through touch pass living in her demon.The victim is usually chosen teenagers or children.

If this fails, there is a migration of the dark forces, the Witch dies, and the child then becomes a magician, without knowing it.

This is a terrible truth, so beware approach to the dying man whom you suspect of magical acts.

Attention!Warlock in the temple

small village in the Lipetsk region we met friendly, playing with sunlight on the gilded dome of the temple.

Putting the sign of the cross three times, I went to the temple.Frescoes adorn the walls of this ancient building, the air was the smell of the flower incense.Peace and grace.

- Oh, Edward, glad to see you - the abbot's eyes smiled warmly.

- Good day, Father Sergius, and I'm glad to see you in a solid health.

- Hmm, does not hurt the health, God's prayers and hold! ..

- What's that?- I asked?- Really do not like the parish?

- No, why?- Father sighed - like the wicked only then it was too much.After the service, I reach home barely alive and pulling force.

- What obsessed much?

- If!In our surroundings wizards that honey agaric in the forest!In the Church and strive to someone to do stuff.Local something we have been taught, but when visiting crowded on weekends, so sorcerers wrong and they do.


Alas, the objective state of affairs is such that many parishioners attending church, not even aware that there are representatives of the dark forces can impose on the person a lot of ills.

But do not despair, witches and wizards can be easily recognized and should observe certain precautions.

All wizards and witches in the church try to protect your back from the altar.And leaving the church, walk backwards backwards.The fact is that our spine has a lot of nerve endings, and the energy of the holy icons terrible burns the back of the wicked.

distinctive feature of the witches in the church is also the fact that they try to cross your fingers or arms themselves so that the left hand on the right.If you are on your knees, trying to cross the back foot.Baptizing these people very quickly, and, do it with your left hand, you do have to disown: first baptized stomach, then his left shoulder, then right, and finally the forehead.

Do sorcerer in the temple, you can quickly determine the day of the Nativity of Christ.When you close the entrance door to the church they are trying to touch the castle that would gain strength.

Be alert

Ensure that the church you did not pass anti-clockwise, and standing behind, not pushing hands.So the sorcerer will rock you from power.If this happens, turn around and push the left hand in response to this man.In this case, the damage will go back to the host, and the wizard immediately deleted.

Before Communion necessarily crisscross his mouth.

Many believers come to church, his candle from the hands do not release, because they know that the candles can do damage.If you are standing in the church, and you suddenly start to smoke candle, carefully inspect the floor around him.You can lie under the feet of a sewing needle, a piece of wool and a ball of yarn.Immediately move away from this place.

When you hold lighted candles in hand, you may be asked to light his candle from yours.Quietly refuse to let her people will light the total candlestick.

If you want to light a candle, candle holders and all are occupied, you may receive a "good" person and advise to set a candle in the socket, which already lit candle.In no case do not do it!Also beware of those who during the service holding candles not vertically but horizontally - they induce damage.

Edward Vityuk

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