How to propagate the vine cuttings and slips

tempting to propagate their own grapes.Then there is no need to spend money on planting material, you can go to the business of selling the plant bushes.It will look good on the vine and its site.She was always a place - it will brighten ugly fence, close the old building.You can let the vines on the basis of thick wire - get a picturesque gazebo.Knowing how to propagate grapes, all this will be easy to implement.They do this in two main ways: by cuttings and layering.

Reproduction layering: the choice of planting material and dig the groove

best time for this - spring.Getting this procedure at the end of April until the kidneys are not blossomed and turned into leaves.If the spring do not have time, you can have surgery.How to propagate grapes in the fall? Just like spring.

first examine adult vines, searching for the right branch.It should be lignified and with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Well, if the ground near the branch begins to split in two, then it will be to get 2 times more seedlings.The diameter of each of these processes should be at least 1-2 cm. Now we need to dig a trench width of 30-40 cm. It must start within 20 cm from the root.Before propagate grapes,

selected area of ​​vines gently bends to the ground.So we will see in which direction it bends better.In this direction, and it is necessary to dig.Typically, the length of the trench - 2 meters deep it done in 40 cm and at the end - 50 cm.

How to propagate grapes layering: preparing trenches and vines

After recess ready in her uniform poured a glasssuperphosphate and 150 g of potassium salt.And on top - 2 buckets of compost or humus.You can now proceed to the formation of the vine.At the end of her two chosen the strongest buds (eyes).If the vine double, then at each of the processes is left on a pair of eyes, and the rest are all cut together with a small portion of the crust with a sharp knife.From these wounds start to grow roots.

vine Now you can gently bend down to the ground and cover with soil.For a better heating earth poured only half groove.That portion of the vine, where it was 2 or 4 left eye, rises vertically.Near hammered the peg and attached to it the branches.The land is well tamped down, and water is poured over it. Here how to propagate grapes layering.Can this be done and the method of propagation.

Propagation by cuttings of grapes

planting material harvested more in December - cut hardwood cuttings (chebuki) - thickness of 1.5-2 cm long, 15 cm - and removed before March in the fridge.Earlier this month, get them and soaked for a couple of weeks in a solution kornevina.On the lower part must be greater chebuka kidney.From it develop strong roots.The upper part of the stalk is cut at an angle of 45 °, and the bottom under the kidney - 90 °.Now you can plant the cuttings in a plastic bottle with the neck cut off, which already sprinkled on the mixture of sand and earth (1: 3).Chebuki deepened 5 -7 cm, and soon everyone will appear at the top of the leaves, and at the bottom - the roots.

Here how to propagate grapes, soon to get a lot of good and strong planting material.