The ABC gardener when pinch cucumbers?

How to form and when pinch cucumbers?This is a very topical issue for many gardeners as to understand all the peculiarities of modern varieties and hybrids are very difficult.In addition, the formation of cucumber bushes also depends on the place of cultivation: in the open field or in a greenhouse, directly on the bed or on a trellis.Of course, the tips on this subject can be found a lot in the press and on the Internet, but some of them use it to get a normal crop - that is the question.

How pinch cucumbers (photo)

Cucumber is a winding vine, so in order to save space, this plant is best grown on a trellis.This is especially significant for the breeding greenhouse.This technology helps to significantly improve productivity, because it allows the formation of the plant during its development.This process is done by removing unnecessary shoots, which, if left, but nothing will take away nutrients, but will not bring fruit.When pinch cucumbers correctly, then the plants grow strong stem, the required number of leaves, healthy side shoots and a lot of fruit.It should be remembered that the process of pinching is made to bloom.When you remove unnecessary shoots must be followed carefully to avoid damaging the main stem and the remaining leaves.When pasynkovanii cucumbers must be one hand gently pull the sheet and the other with caution stepson nip off right at the stem.For convenience and to avoid damage to the whip, you can use a pair of scissors with rounded tips.

How pinch cucumbers (scheme)

When the plant will throw the fourth sheet around him need to pinch the side shoots and flower buds.After finishing the procedure of the first topping, cucumbers need to tie up a trellis.To do this, pull the beds on top of the wire, which is tied to the string - for it will be in the future to keep the cucumber lashes.Then it is recommended to fertilize cucumber humus or fertilizer ready.It is important not to forget the timely watering the plants, as well as good ventilation, if the cultivation is carried out in a greenhouse.When the second pinch cucumbers?When will the 5th, 6th and 7th lists, but makes it a little different way.

Repeated pasynkovanii on the side shoots left-formed one ovary and one sheet and all the other shoots are removed and gently wrapped more increased cucumber whip around the rope, tied up to a trellis.Another topping made after the occurrence of the following three pages (8th, 9th and 10th).During the third pasynkovaniya left a pair of sheets and two young cucumbers.A sheet 11 after all ovaries removed, but left on the three sheets and the same amount on each of the cucumber shoots.

pinch when cucumber varieties of winter?

As for winter greenhouse cucumbers, for example, varieties of "Relay", at the January planting it is usually not enough light, which is why on the main stem side shoots only appear in the axils of the 8-9-leaf.Their stepson, and then leave the side shoots prischipyvaya them at 1-3 leaf.When the lash grows up trellises, its top folded over the wire.Next plant stepson 1.5-meter height from the surface of the beds.