How to create a play on "Android" on their own

Many people downloading games for mobile platforms, think: "Why not dream a reality? Why not make a product that is better and more interesting that already offers interactive entertainment industry?"If you do not know how to create games on "Android", but want to learn, this article will talk about some of the pitfalls that await novice developers.


first thing that is required to create the game - idea.In the first stage it can be written in any form.It is desirable that it "clings" was understandable.Most likely, in embodiments, it will be changed.Something will have to add, but something - completely remove or alter.There is nothing strange - in the further elaboration of the functional parts not only have to thoroughly describe, but to check its suitability.

should not completely abandon the initial description of the ideas and start creating Russian games on "Android", skip this step.Gathering thoughts - the main starting point, from which it is easiest to start moving.Moreover, the ideas presented in the paper will look at the plans objective may advance notice and to correct weaknesses.

List features

So how to create games on "Android" is impossible without their detailed elaboration at this stage will have to continue to work with a text editor and describe the features that will be in the game.Here is an example: a series of God of War - is a slasher.The weapon of the protagonist - a whip.During combat, you can make long beautiful combo attacks.Each level ends with a boss battle.

This list is pretty stingy and reflects only the main features, that is, those that produce the game on a background of others.In fact there are many more, but other features are secondary.In describing the need to go first to those without whom your future creation can not exist, and the latest - less important, which can be sacrificed for the sake of speed development.


So how to create a new game without this document is almost impossible, and have to work on it.Dizdok - short for "design document", it includes the most detailed descriptions of:

  • Object Model and functionality of entities.
  • functional specifications.
  • game content.
  • Interface.
  • as needed can be added to the knowledge base.
  • object model.

Object Model The object model contains information about each gaming entity: weapons, armor, NPC, spells player.It is unique for each game.Under

functionality should be understood:

  • Can I wear \ remove \ buy \ sell \ improve.
  • Will the inventory after death.
  • Lose a hardness with the passage of time or when some action.
  • Increases whether a character or group.
  • Does a set of special properties.

The above items are not required, their number can be reduced or increased for each individual group entity.

Functional Specifications

Continuing to answer the question of how to create games for the "Android", you should talk about the next section dizdoka.The functional specifications describe the gameplay apiece.There should be as accurate as possible to tell that the main character is able to do and how it is implemented.The same must be done for each NPC separately.In addition to the game characters, should be addressed first aid kits, weapons, armor, elements of the environment.

In fact, this section is a set of rules that affect all game moments, from the menu, and to how the damage will be calculated from the impact.The more you work every single point, the easier it will be to implement your project.


Prior to create a good game, you need to think about and what exactly will be in it.Describing specifications, you can specify that the characters will be shooting from firearms, which is charged with cartridges with rigidly fixed damage.If you get in the NPC of this parameter will be deducted power armor.You also need to specify the name of each individual specimen of weapons, armor, NPC.And, of course, necessary to describe the appearance.Content - the building blocks from which the later will be built the whole game.


interface - a set of functions and buttons with which the user will interact with the program.The main thing that should be considered when creating it - convenience.To understand how to organize all the elements that you can run and analyze the best examples of the genre, transferring the most appropriate solutions to your project.

Choosing engine or constructor

Another step that will have to perform before creating the game on "Android" - select the game engine.Long gone are the days when everything had to be done from scratch.Today, having finished the designer, you can perform all the work by writing a minimum of code.

Selecting the engine is doing, based on some of its features:

  • Terms of Use.
  • Features.
  • price.
  • developer support.
  • Zadokumentirovannost.
  • size community.
  • Easy.
  • Extensibility.

Terms : perhaps once bought a designer you become its full owner.It happens that the commercial success of the game have to pay a percentage of the profits of the developers of the engine.The main thing - before you make games with "Android", read the license agreement of the product selected for implementation.

Features : they should completely cover the needs of the developer.If the product offers more than you need, the game can be easily extended to use new features dizdoka.But think about the balance!Use Unreal Engine for Tetris - is silly.

Support : first of all, it is important to find out whether the product development?Any errors are corrected from version to version?If he acquires new functionality and tools?The engine, which is developing rapidly, has an advantage over the engine, frozen several years ago.

Community : What is the number of those who use the constructor?If a large number of users, find documentation, lessons, master classes, and examples are not a problem.If the user is relatively small, this information may not be available to the extent that will allow you to do something competitive.

Extensibility : before you create your own game, take the trouble to find out whether it is possible to connect to the selected foreign engine modules.They are normally used for the export or import of three-dimensional models, sounds, scripts, sprite.If there is support for such instruments, the designer is not limited to internal tools for content creation.


Unreal Development Kit - is not the most easy to use game engine, but one of the most powerful.It is used not only to novice developers, but also large corporations.If you are looking for an answer to the question: "How to create a 3D game engine and how to choose it?"- You should explore the possibilities of UDK.

To describe the program logic using an internal scripting language - UnrealScript.Developer Site provides many lessons as captured on video and described in text form.At the same time they cover a maximum functionality - from the editor before writing their scripts.

Torque 2D / 3D

Torque - one of the most popular designers of games for mobile platforms.It has all the necessary set of editors and debugging tools.In developing the programmers paid great attention to comfort and tried to make all the utilities most simple and accessible.

Designer comes with documentation that describes most of the features.The official website can be found tutorials and source code of several ready-made games.

scripting language embedded in Torque Torque Script.The properties of each object can be determined in advance.Also, the designer built a set of Box2D, which deals with the physical calculations.

If you are trying to find an answer to the question: "How to create a network game and what this engine to choose?"- We can safely say that Torque will make multiplayer project deadlines.All necessary functionality is built in advance, and the examples are on the official website, will show how to use it most efficiently.


After selecting the game engine is still unclear how it is possible to create a game.We'll have to spend a lot of time on their studies.Since the team is no, you will need to do everything yourself: write scripts, create textures, sprites, model (if the game is three-dimensional), to write a script to test.It is not hard to guess that the novice developer will have to understand the basics of just many professions: programmer, writer, tester, artist, designer.

It is best to learn by doing, that is in the process of working on his project.Another way to learn everything you need - work for a company that develops games.We should not be labeled immediately as chief programmer even if you will be asked to engage in routine chores, do not give the opportunity to look at geymdev inside.

work in any company starts from the bottom, that's fine.Yes scripters and skills, Level Designer, balancer, the tester will be very useful, and it is these industries, which employ the majority of juniors.After a few years of such training will be learning how to create dizdoki and technical tasks, and learn about the bug tracker to form a database of contacts.After the work done to create a Russian game on "Android", need to spend much less energy because you stock up on all the necessary skills.

It is possible that, having proved their competence in matters of development, you will not have to leave the old team, moreover, there you will take a leading position with its project.