Joanne Rowling introduces clarifications to Potterianu

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For example, you will learn why the family of the Dursleys hated Harry Potter and Hermione Granger how could end his days as a prisoner of Azkaban.Needless to say, Joanne Rowling is full of magical gifts that she continues to generously distribute.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Dudley Dursleys , author of the "Harry Potter" has written a new story to the development of the main plot, which reveals new details about the family, the Dursleys.Dzhoanntakzhe shared new information about the Deathly Hallows, but also about why Hagrid and Dumbledore got their names and why Hermione was summoned to the Ministry of Magic and would be held accountable for the crime.Here is a brief

latest updates that relate to a magical world!

1. Dursleys and Harry did not like each other from the beginning

When Vernon Dursley and Petunia Evans got engaged, they went out to dinner with Lily (future mother of Harry Potter) and her then boyfriend James.Petunia warned ahead of Vernon that her sister Lily - a witch (in her words, "a freak"), and Vernon promised anything that does not contradict.But, according to Rowling, "Vernon, foolishly, took patronize James, asking what his car."In response, James "described his racing broom."And when we are talking about a magical bank Gringotts, Vernon bullet flew out of the restaurant, because it decided that James openly making fun of him.After the meeting, relations with Harry's parents and relatives did not work out.

2. Dursleys did not attend the wedding of Lily and James

sad.Besides Petunia also invited Lily to his own wedding because "she was tired of constantly being in the shadow of her sister."

3. Vernon did not like Harry's for the same reason that Severus Snape

Rowling revealed that disgust Vernon to his nephew, "partly due to, like Severus Snape , the fact that Harry wasvery much like his father's, which both do not love. "Petunia, on the other hand, felt guilty about the way she treated her sister, but suffered the blame on Harry.

4. Names Hagrid and Dumbledore - speaking

Rowling said that the names Rubeus and Albus comes from the word "red" and "white."On the colors associated with the practice of alchemy.Magical theory is that the colors of metals, which are involved in the process of conversion into gold, or bestow eternal youth (it is about creating the philosopher's stone)."The colors red and white are mentioned many times in the old texts on alchemy - writes Rowling - the red symbolizes the base metal and white - gold. Rubeus Hagrid, consequently, wild, basic red, while Albus Dumbledore -White pertaining to gold. "

5. Expanding bag Hermione - is amazing, but it is illegal

Widening spells, apparently, largely regulated by the Ministry of Magic, which, in fact, made life-saving bag Hermione in "Deathly Hallows" illegal.But our favorite witch no one ever did not lay charges because the Ministry decided that the case "does not play a significant role in the defeat of the Dark Lord of the greatest of all time."

6. Professor Minerva McGonagall and Peter Pettigrew were involved in the "vibrations magic hat"

What is it you ask?This is when Hats took more than five minutes to determine a student at one of the faculty of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts.Hat long argued whether McGonagall belongs to the Ravenclaw or Gryffindor (good choice, hat!), And will the students Pettigrew Gryffindor or Slytherin (bad choice, hat).With Harry Hats have had no doubt, though, and it took some time to decide on Hermione (it was almost defined in Ravenclaw) and Neville Longbottom.The latter, incidentally, later proved that the hat was right, defining it at the Faculty of Gryffindor.

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