Why cook when you see the fire in his sleep?

One of the worst accidents is a fire, because fire destroys everything in its path.And in an instant a person can lose the house, property and even lives.What if the girl dreamed of a fire?It promises you a dream like problems and troubles or it is interpreted in a completely different way?We offer to find answers to these questions in the most complete and well-known dream books.

Dream Miller: I dreamed of a fire - for what?

According to the information from this source, if you catch a glimpse of a large fire, which cost no casualties, then you expect major changes in life that bring happiness and good fortune.

old French dream interpretation: to dream the fire - to what?

According to the compilers of the dream book, if you catch a glimpse of the flames that engulfed the house, you expect a great misfortune that must be met without losing self-esteem and courage.However, the raging fire, which does not affect your home, promises many happy events and possible promotion.

Dreams Pythagorean dream fire, fire

If you see a fire, call the fire, it probably has some knowledge that can destroy your rivals in the affairs or neutralize rival in love.When firefighters arrive to your call and extinguish the fire, you will be able to take advantage of existing compromising and get out of the fight victorious.If they fail to overcome the flames, then you will find yourself compromised themselves, that will result in numerous problems for you.

If you dreamed of a fire: the dream book XXI century

Burning House promises a dreamer unexpected happiness.If you dream of a fire in the winter, in the coming days we can expect strong frosts.If the summer fire breaks out in your home, it is quite possible that soon your family mired in strife and hatred.A fire, followed by a huge column of black smoke, promises trouble at work and in business.Dreamed Fire stands as a symbol of loyalty to your friends on whom you can always rely on.

Dream book from A to Z: dreamed of a fire - for what?

If you dream you see a large fire, the flames which engulfed a high-rise building, then in reality you will patronize the very influential people, contributing to success in your work.A dream in which burned a large sum of money belonging to you, promises fraud by the business partners.If the fire burns your own home, you are at risk to get involved in a risky venture that could eventually result in a complete financial collapse.Attempts to extinguish the flames, filling it with water from buckets, predict a situation in which you will try in vain to reconcile quarreling friends.If the raging flames firefighters try to knock out the hose, then you expect a little joy into the family circle.If you see a column of smoke from a distance by a strong fire, soon will get a very good news.A dream in which you feel suffocated by smoke and faints, warns of the danger of becoming a victim of an accident or collision if improperly crossing the street.