Which is better: "Android" or Windows Phone?

Microsoft and Google is constantly competing for supremacy in the mobile industry.It also affected the development of operating systems.That is why today people all over the world interested in the question: "Which is better -" Android "or Windows Phone?"You can try to understand.

to determine what is best: "Android" or Windows Phone, it is worth considering the interface of both systems in terms of the average user.The developers have made every effort to make it comfortable and functional.Both systems can boast that they have an attractive user interface that is intuitive, which is very important for users.On Android, the latest version combines all the advantages of the previous ones, which are so popular with users, so that the system can be used not only for smartphones but also for tablets.The latest version of Windows Phone designed specifically for smartphones.But here there is a Metro UI, implementing a new environment on supported devices.

If we consider the "Android" or Windows Phone 8, then here it is worth noting the use of the convenient ways of notification via widgets: the first involves the emergence of a system of notification on the home screen, and the second used a live tile.In both cases, the user receives all the necessary information in a fairly convenient way.Android, however, little beats rival as scrolling from left to right for the majority of users is much more familiar and convenient than flipping down the entire list.But here, all individually.

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If you understand it best: "Android" or Windows Phone, it is important to keep in mind about hardware and operating system support.At the moment they are used in many devices.Windows Phone is set to products whose manufacturers are partners of the corporation "Microsoft".Google provides for its system open source, allowing any manufacturer to launch 'Android' on the desired gadget.And it is highly appreciated by companies engaged in the production of mobile equipment.

Talking about what "Android" best Windows Phone, it is worth noting the degree of integration of social services for both systems.Google sharpens the focus on services such as "Twitter" and "Facebook" and "Microsoft" offers its users access to the application store and deeper integration.

So, if the question is: which is better - "Android" and Windows Phone - is very important to you, you need to sum up.Because of the significant differences between the two systems, users spend a lot of time on the selection of suitable mobile devices.The first system is more suitable for those who like to experiment with their gadgets, but most prefer to use reliable phone, which will not only always be in touch with their partners, but also just be able to work.It is for them the best choice may be called Windows Phone.Gadgets such a system is a very beautiful and attractive, they can tell a lot about its owner.The company "Microsoft" has set itself the goal of becoming a dynamic player in the mobile market.