Auto undocumented - stolen or not?

ads on various websites and in the media is very common to see ads "selling cars without documents."An attractive point in these proposals is the price of the car, which is much lower than comparable units with a complete set.What should read the subtext of these ads, and how fraught with buying a car without documents?

The first thought that comes from the good citizen in the form of the proposal - the car stolen.However, most often it is not.Typically, stolen cars are not sold in this way - too dangerous.Such machines have their tested and intricate channels.Then how in the auto market without documents?

Very often there are situations when there are problems with the "customs clearance" of the imported vehicle.In such cases, the police have the right to seize documents to ascertain the circumstances of the case.A "case" may be different - from problems with the paperwork at customs to detect illegally slaughtered rooms.Consequently, such a car without official documents is not to sell out.Of course, to restore the required documentation is possible but only if the owner of the treatment and as a result of long litigation.

Another case of the appearance on the market of cars without documents - elementary loss.Of course, this is a very rare event, most often it is thought "maneuvers" of the owner.Apparently, the case turned up to buy a car of the same brand, but the later model year and the best technical condition.And some time ago, the practice is - under the guise of "sets" for the car through customs fussed completely disassemble the machine, which was later collected and sold for the most documents that were allegedly "lost."From a legal point of view - of the imported car is absolutely clean.But old remained undocumented and sell it legally impossible, well, except for parts.The method is over, all have long known, and yet - buying cars without documents on spare parts, be careful, because some of the stolen car and disassemble the parts, and it is likely to be among the suspects, if the vehicle is listed in the search.

only problem in selling cars without documents on the parts - a car rarely buys, and one part can be sold decades.Currently, however, there are many companies that produce buy cars without documents.Of course, if we make a simple calculation, you can find out that the sale of spare parts alone would bring you more income, but when contacting these firms you get the money without delay, although an order of magnitude smaller.Some of them promise to give you an envelope with the agreed amount in half an hour.

In general, cars without documents - is not necessarily a criminal option may simply be incorrect execution of, at best, or almost new car assembled by craftsmen in the underground stations, the documents obtained by some fraud.Experts say that none of these options is best not to use the required amount overpay and buy a normal, legalized by a car!