Social housing.

In our own state the problem of housing and such categories as social housing, has always been pretty dire.In recent years, this trend can be seen as the de-privatization of housing.What are the advantages and benefits provides social housing?Do I need to turn it into a property?

To get answers to these questions, you need to clearly understand what is social housing and which imposes duties on naemschika social tenancy agreement.Social housing - a living area provided by the citizen as a place to stay.Ownership of such property belongs to the state.The apartment, located in the state or municipal property, you can not sell or give away.Accommodation is not included in this category of the inherited property, and social tenancy agreement, according to which a citizen is entitled to reside in the specified area may be terminated for various reasons.

Get the right of the owner provides only the privatization of social housing.However, we must consider the fact that this right would entail a number of obligations of the owner of housing.In addition to the cost of the apartment and the need for an annual payment of property tax will fall on the shoulders of the owner and all the costs of replacement of communications that fail as well as carrying out repair and overhaul of the house and the surrounding area.

Unlike private property, social housing can bring its owner a very tangible benefit.Less tax liabilities naemschik can count on free installation of water meters in the state apartment, capital repairs of common areas.In light of the programs aimed at the restoration of housing at the expense of property owners, similar benefits can be quite significant savings.Of course, this one-time benefits, but they nevertheless exist.

If you wish to move into the category of social housing private property is the main goal, then you can make it for free today.If a citizen has not acted as a person who participated in the privatization, then it is enough to apply for privatization, to obtain the consent or rejection of the privatization of the rest of the people prescribed in a given area, to collect necessary information and supporting documents, pay a fee and become a full-fledged owner.Note that privatization can not be dorms, buildings in disrepair or equal to them at home, service flats and apartments in the territories closed military towns, as well as a number of other premises.

Contrary to popular belief, social hiring of premises is not a native Russian godsend.Government programs aimed at providing citizens with affordable square meter, exist in most civilized countries.And there was not much to buy it seeks to private ownership.Rent social housing makes it easy to relocate at the improvement / deterioration of the material well-being, changing the composition of the family and a number of other circumstances.Overseas rental housing is a very common and profitable practice.