The main details of the documents

documents are an integral part of our lives.Our birth is confirmed document every stage of life is associated with official papers and even death recorded.The main element of a document of any kind are details.It is about them and will be discussed further.

details of the document - it is their elements that allow us to estimate the appointment, type and degree of importance of the paper.Today in our country adopted a single national standard (GOST 351 141 1998), which not only determines the number of details, as such, but also the requirements for their registration, as well as regulates the combination of different types of documentation.

Document type is determined by the degree of its importance, the appointment.They, in turn, determine the number and location details.In general, the documents can be divided into two broad categories: formal and personal.Personal

are the result of human activity.These include letters and memoirs, photos and notes.Such documents are valuable only for a specific person or group of people, often they do not have legal force.

Official documents include various administrative and normative acts intended for execution within a single organization or country as a whole (decrees, laws, regulations, protocols, etc.), as well as official personal documents (ID cards, documents,confirming marital status, status, etc.).

details of the document are the key element is the official varieties.As mentioned above, namely the status and the appointment of an official document determines the number of constituent elements.

In a separate category, you can highlight the main details of the documents.As the name implies this category, they are a set of elements is necessarily present in the official paper.Most clearly reflects the totality of the basic details form or document form.That they collected those details of the document, without which it will be considered formalized wrong.Among them:

  • national emblem and / or logo;
  • name (full and if there is, abbreviated);
  • reference data.It should be noted that the provisions of the standard does not provide explicit guidance on the completeness of the data.Therefore, they have enough to specify only the legal address and contact numbers.Often, however, they include and bank details;
  • name of the document type;
  • author and details of the person to whom a document is sent;
  • date and registration number;
  • header;
  • fact the text of the document;
  • signature of the director or author.

data details of the document are not the only ones.In addition to the basic elements, it can contain different mark on the urgency and confidentiality, agreeing or approval (otherwise known as "vultures" and "visa").

Many documents have the power, and vice versa, without some of the above elements.So, those that are intended for internal circulation, may not contain reference data on the organization and carried out on a form without them.

details of the document of competent distribution and clearance in accordance with the standard, not only speak of literacy Executive responsible for drawing up the document, but also the high status of the organization.