Foreign trade of Russia and other countries

Foreign trade understand the trade between the different countries, which consists of import - export and import - export of goods or services.Generally, foreign trade through commercial transactions that are made through the foreign trade contracts.There was this notion is, even in the ancient states, here foreign trade related was related only to the exchange of any material assets.

development and the existence of foreign trade is characterized by the following points:

- when you need to get from abroad cheaper products that are more expensive in the production of their own country or in other countries;

- when you need to acquire raw materials and food products abroad when in the home country is the raw material or food due to various conditions can not be obtained;

- when there is the presence of machine production, which requires large markets;

- when there is an opportunity to expand the range of goods and services in demand, and this contributes to the development of foreign trade in different countries.

Foreign trade is booming every year in different countries, goods and services are more in demand from abroad.That foreign trade of Russian not yield any significant country of their state.In recent years, selling points were the most favorable for Russia's foreign trade.In 2003 alone, foreign economic activities are carried out the national economy, develop it, and stimulated the development.In large part, Russia exports hydrocarbon feedstock - gas, oil, petroleum products and coal.Also, Rosii foreign trade is the export of chemical and metallurgical products, machinery and equipment, food and weapons.Every year, exports increased by several tens of percent.The same is true for imports, compared to other years, we can determine that the import of goods and services from abroad in Russia also increased in volume.The largest importer of becoming Germany, it is from this country Russia is taking an increasing number of products.

As for foreign trade in services, there is a purchase and sale of transport and communications, logistics, household and housing services.The services in the global market also include hospitality, insurance and financial services, tourism, education and science, various real estate and much more.

Generally, foreign trade in services is based on direct contact with the producer and the consumer.Unlike trade in goods, services produced and consumed at the same time, can not be stored.But we can say that foreign trade in services is closely linked to trade in goods, the movement of labor and the international movement of capital.From the volume and quality of services provided depends on the success of the external market.International trade in services is unthinkable without any banking, transport, and information services.

Many of the developed countries take on the production of goods and services in their foreign affiliates hedgehog.If the service sector in a country is not sufficiently developed, these services must be purchased outside the state.One of the largest exporters in the field of construction and engineering consulting services to the Republic of Korea in the field of tourism -Meksika, for financial purposes - Singapore.

Foreign Trade , especially in those countries where the development of an open economy, has great influence on the entire economy, its general condition.There are cases when the conditions for the export of goods and services deteriorate, for example, reduced prices on goods or decreased demand, it can lead to the disintegration of the national production, to lower the exchange rate, to a deterioration of the balance of pay and other negative moments.This applies to the deterioration in the terms of import, for example, rise in the prices of goods or services.