domestic defense industry in recent years, experiencing almost a rebirth.Developed new models of weapons, there is an active modernization of old.This is especially evident in aviation.So many flight shelves already begun to receive the latest MiG-35, which is one of the most sophisticated fighter-bombers in the world.

Key Features

The plane was designed MiG.The main feature is its broadest functionality that enables the use of machines in a variety of conditions.Also available in the export version, there is a version with double cabin.New MiG-35, which has a photo in the article is very similar to the preceding model (Mig-29), but is fundamentally different machine.

All modifications of these machines - a fundamentally new aircraft.The main feature is the increased range, fully updated avionics, enhanced on-board weapons, as well as the ability to carry a greater number of attachments and ammunition.

The MiG-35 has been fully implemented the principle of HOTAS.What does it mean?The fact is that during the flight the pilot for all necessary information is displayed directly on the glass cover of the cab.It uses just three "Display".This concept allows the pilot to dogfight that is focused on control devices.

design aircraft

machine is made on the circuit with a low-wing and relatively far apart position of the engine.It is used in the fabrication of titanium alloys, aluminum and composite materials.Wing sweep is about 42 degrees.

Sheathing keel is made of carbon fiber.The aircraft is used perfectly-proven ejection seat K-36DM.


As such, apply RD-33MK engines, which are largely similar to those for the MiG-29K.The manufacturer reports that the individual customer can be installed power plants with variable thrust vectoring.Such engines are put on each MiG-35, which is designed to demonstrate the aerobatics.

The design uses a gas turbine plant type GTDE-117, issued no less than 66.2 kW.Fuel supply is carried out from five tanks located in the fuselage of the aircraft, and two wing sections.The total capacity of the standard of 4300 liters.


To reduce the workload of the pilot in the plane used automatic control system SAU-451.In addition, the installed equipment for limiting signals SOS 3M.During route guidance responds complex SUV-29.It includes a sighting system RLPK-board computer 29 and TS100.

Generally, modern aviation is focused on shifting the maximum duty pilots to complex computer systems.This is understandable: the speed of combat aircraft such that the reaction of the person simply will not be enough to adequately respond to the sudden threat.

-optical sighting system, the presented model OEPrNK-29 includes a range OEPS-29.Well-proven "slit-3UM", which is one of the best systems specified purposes worldwide.For navigation and routing responds CH-29.

as equipment for radio command is used E502-20 "Turquoise".On approaching enemy radar pilot ahead of time will tell SPO-15LM "Birch".To prevent detection of obstruction and restore the machine precision weapons used equipment for jamming "Gardenia-1FU" as well as equipment PIP-26, responsible for the release of decoys.

basic characteristics of equipment and armaments

┬źhighlight" of the aircraft is the newest radar "Zhuk-ME", a modern system of optical-location as well as "smart" system of guidance purposes, built in the flying helmet.

as hinged arms can be used missiles "air-air" type PBB-AE, P-27P1, P-27T1.Furthermore, it is possible hanging charge "air-to-surface┬╗ X-29T, X-31A.The aircraft is armed as the corrected bombs and unguided rocket armament.For ground attack aircraft and enemy fighters armed with automatic cannon GS-301.

To enhance the attractiveness of purchasing aircraft to foreign customers, has provided opportunity for foreign producers hanging arms.

What else is good MiG-35?Technical specifications speak for themselves.

At curb weight of just 11 tonnes, the aircraft can accelerate up to 2300 km / h.At the same time on board he can take 4.5 tons of arms and fly with him 3200 km (in the presence of replacement fuel tanks).

In addition, the MiG-35, the technical characteristics of which we are considering, rises to a height of 17 kilometers, and the minimum length of the runway is only 260 meters!


enemy radar can detect and track airborne targets at a distance of 120 km.You may simultaneously support the goals and ten battle with four of them simultaneously.If we talk about the battle with surface targets, the destroyer class ships are detected at distances of up to 250 km and the missile boats - up to 150 km.

trends of modern combat aircraft

Today, all over the world all the more clearly a tendency to the fact that multi-role fighters are doubles.As we have already said, the MiG-35 is no exception.What is the reason the desire to design offices to increase the crew?

When the tests were carried out helicopter Ka-50, the military found that when operating in air-to-ground pilot increases the load on the incredible: the pilot must not only fight, but also to follow the testimony of dozens of instruments.All this was taken into account in the design of not only the Ka-52, but also to create new MiG-35.

It is because of this it was decided to sit in the cockpit of the two pilots, one of them to fly a plane, and the second led dogfight.Given that the speed of the MiG-35 is higher than that for the sound, the decision is not only reduce the burden on operators, but also significantly increases the survivability of the entire machine.


Do not think that the new development interested only Russian military.Malaysian Air Force has repeatedly spoken about the benefits of multi-purpose use of Russian fighter-bombers.Approximately the same thing said and representatives of the Indian aircraft.

Unfortunately, even the excellent performance of the MiG-35 did not save him from backstage intrigues, when supplies of Russian planes were standing reluctance hacked the Indian side to repeat the risks 90s.Then the whole army of the country was left without financial support.

The reason is simple - the military industrial complex of Russia in those years was not to provide export to India but also can be understood.

At present, Russian experts are working not only over the export sales of new MiGs, but also on the rearmament of domestic flight regiments.In particular, it has been announced that the aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" will be staffed by just two.


Today is very rarely so that the new aircraft was designed with a "clean slate."The base is always used as the model of the previous generation.This time the Russian experts chose the MiG-29M.

Differences between the MiG-35 from the old model

Despite the fact that the basis for the design lay 29M model, the new aircraft is unified with 29K.The power plant and the control system, cockpit and wing design are practically identical.In many ways, the only difference is considerably lightweight chassis.

general, the MiG-35 in many respects similar to the ship's aviation system.Even anticorrosive coating was performed so that the unification is maximized.This approach to the production of new and old planes on the same plant.

Avionics But these machines are completely different.In particular, there is installed radar with phased array, as well as a great defensive complex of the aircraft, which includes multiple active and passive defense systems.Many of them are multi-functional.

reliability and combat stability

These fighters have excellent survivability due to the presence of radar and infrared curtain.In addition, for our latitude is particularly remarkable is the possibility of making landing on a completely unsuitable and unlit airfields.

reliable aircraft designers have paid close attention.So, all systems and machine control systems are duplicated.In normal mode, all additional control system is in standby mode.A special approach is also evident in the example power supply of the aircraft.

So, instead of the two generators that were installed on the MiG-29, the new aircraft was just four.There is also a special starter system that are able to fully meet the plane with electricity even with the engine off.This allows you to fully test all systems on board practically still on the ground, and for this purpose it is not necessary to burn fuel.Even the installation for the production of oxygen from the air with a private jet.

All these circumstances make this class fighters actually autonomous combat systems.

Jobs pilots

As we have already said, to "windshield" canopy immediately handed three information display.By the way, the cabin itself is virtually identical to that of the MiG-29K ship.

developers have done so because of the fact that the pilots of the most positively responded precisely about this option.The second cabin also put four multi-function display, and one of them is duplicated basic information from the pilot's cabin.

By the way, in a single option in the MiG-35 in place of the second cabin placed additional fuel tank.

specifications flight manual

general, the 35th model was developed taking into account the fact that the training of pilots took up the least possible time.For example, students almost directly can be transplanted to the training of trainers on the basis of the MiG-29.Currently we are developing new versions of simulators, which have presented the MiG-35 in the ship's version.

But the plane has another major advantage, expressed in the extreme simplicity of its operation.The fact that our troops are today largely staffed by the MiG-29M and 29K.Accordingly, to maintain almost completely identical to the car they will be much easier, rather than an entirely new plane.

Among other things, experts say that the potential of modernization of this model may be enough until 2040

information about modern operating in the Armed Forces of the MiG-29/35

At this point in our country's armed forces have about 400 machines MiG-29New modifications.It is reported that this year, the MiG-35 will actively delivered to the troops.Today, the army has no more than a few dozen cars in this class, but the transition to them will clearly be executed rapidly.

In many ways this is not only a massive rearmament program (until 2020), but also with the fact that the design of the 29th "Migov" began to identify fatal flaws associated with the catastrophic rapid deterioration of some parts tail.In particular, in 2008, for this reason, killing one pilot.

Currently allowed to fly only those planes that have passed full inspection technology.Already considered the defense department projects for which almost every second MiG-35 will be a deep modernization of existing aircraft in service.

However, the military themselves are very skeptical about this idea: many cars in this class have been released even when the Soviet Union, so that their service life has long outlived its usefulness.

selling foreign partners

As we have said, the foreign partners are eligible to purchase these interesting aircraft.However, at present there is not really interesting proposals for their delivery.Thus, domestic manufacturers still have not forgotten the incident of 2012, when the purchase of fighter games abandoned the Indian military.

formal reason their claims have become the engines of the aircraft.Unofficially, it is reported that India at that time simply had no desire to repeat the sad experience of the 90s.

Today the situation is approximately the same: foreign buyers evince some interest in the aircraft, but buying it in large quantities do not hurry.By the way, what is the cost of the MiG-35?

It is not small if we take into account the same 2012, the price of the aircraft was about 100 million dollars.Given the fact that at that time the Indians refused to supply 126 fighter jets, the total value of which amounted to more than $ 10 billion, our military-industrial complex did not get a lot of money.

But enough about sad.It should be noted that this aircraft, from which at the last moment refused to overseas buyers, entered service domestic aircraft.It is hoped that the MiG-35 will be adopted to the extent that is required for normal defense.

reported that almost all the new fighters stationed at airfields Kursk region and in the Moscow region.Given the recent geopolitical trends, there is no doubt that domestic aircraft really need our army.