How to wear lenses: tips for beginners

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Contact lenses are perhaps the most remarkable means of vision correction without surgery.Putting on the front surface of the eye, they are tight-fitting it and taking its shape.Before now familiar glasses lenses have a lot of advantages: do not limit the field of vision, the ability to restore binocular vision, increase its sharpness and protect the eye trauma.To contact lens wear as comfortable as possible and does not lead to eye fatigue, reduced visual performance and visual impairment, it is important to know how to wear lenses and how to care for them.

Contact lenses require particularly careful care, and strict compliance with the rules, which the ophthalmologist will tell you when prescribing the lenses.Also on how to attach and remove the lens, you can always read the instructions to the lenses and solutions for them.Regular, proper lens care and timely to replace them - a guarantee of a comfortable lens wear without injury.

Currently in ophthalmic offices and showrooms, there are courses for beginners, which teach the use lenses.The first time you wear them will help the doctor or nurse and describe in detail how to wear the lenses at home.The first few days dressing lenses will be quite a challenge, since the human eye is arranged so that when hit by something spontaneously begins to close, making it difficult to put the lens in place.Wearing lenses in the early days can also bring some disadvantages, one needs some time to get used to, while others do not experience any discomfort, and may even forget that the lens must be removed at night.

However, it may take several days, and you and your eyes get used to this innovation, how to wear the lenses and how to remove them, you will remember by heart, without any prompting.A couple of months this process will simply be driven to automatism and become commonplace.

Installation and wearing contact lenses involves strict observance of rules:

  1. before putting lenses should wash their hands with soap and water and wipe dry with a towel, do not leave in the hands of the fibers.
  2. We took out a container for storing contact lenses and open it.Typically, the container lids apart from the notation R - right eye and L - left eye, vary in color.Thus, the container lid with the designation R are blue or green.
  3. We took out the lens from the container using a special forceps with silicone pieces and put it on the tip of the index finger.Check whether it is twisted inside out - in the form it should resemble a bowl with smooth edges.Next, the middle finger of the other hand we raise the upper eyelid, and index - allot lower eyelid.
  4. Set the lens in the lower sector of the eyeball when it is necessary to look up.Then gently lower eyelid and blink 3-4 times, and the lens will be in place and you should not feel discomfort.

recommended wearing lenses sit at the table to make it easier to find it if you drop it.Before putting the lens or shoot them check the contents of the cells of the container, if the liquid is cloudy and contains particles of dust or dirt, be sure to change it and clean the lens.

Even if the vision of both eyes equally never be confused and do not change the lens, to avoid confusion, always start to shoot and wear lenses with the same eyes, such as the right.Try not to touch the inner surface of the lens, but if this happened - be sure to rinse the lens.To serve longer lens and retained their transparency, use only the recommended means to care for them and never rinse lenses with plain water.If the lens after removing stuck together, do not try to divide it - you can damage it.Just put it in a container with the liquid.