How to treat barley on the eye: a few useful tips.

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Appearance is currently of great importance, which, however, often overestimated.Nevertheless, various problems with the skin or hair can be groomed much to spoil the impression of the person.There are also diseases that not only clearly visible to others, but also deliver you a lot of unpleasant moments because of pain.This is a banal stye.Drawing attention to some of the symptoms, its appearance can be easily predicted.At first you will feel itching on the edge of the upper or lower eyelid, swelling then appears and is already on top of it a few days there abscess.Thus, we can say that stye - not that other, as acne or hair follicle.

When people comprehend this illness, they are interested in how to treat stye.But first you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence.Many people think that this problem is caused by hypothermia.This is not quite true.The reason usually is a bacterial infection.Therefore, you should not worry, it is not contagious.Treating stye is usually based on the fact that it causes a variety of microorganisms: pneumococci, streptococci or staphylococci.

Before you understand how to treat stye, find out who is at risk.Of course, it is women who are in the process of applying make contact with their eyes.Due to the fact that the reason for barley usually get it dirty hands, children are also at risk, they often simply do not observe basic rules of personal hygiene.The problem is that barley may occur even after a person has long been in a dusty room or where there is poor ventilation.Those interested in how to treat stye, it is useful to know that the period of treatment depends solely on the immune system.If it is good, then the attack will take place quickly and will not leave behind any consequences, and if bad, it is possible the formation of several inflammation.

So how to treat stye?Ways to deal with it a lot.Warn its appearance can be, if you timely notice a little itchy and prizhzhete this place rubbing alcohol, iodine or brilliant green.Be careful - a substance should not get on the mucous membranes.Apply it to a cotton swab and apply for 15-20 minutes to place the alleged barley.

Contrary to the opinion that the ulcers is forbidden to heat, barley even need to warm up to this traditional medicine advises to apply to the affected area is not too hot crude egg.But doctors can prescribe the passage of warming up procedures, such as UFO or UHF.

Remember, if you really want to learn how to treat stye, it is better to consult a specialist.He will prescribe antibiotics, for example, penicillin or tsiprolet, torbeks gentamicin.Eyes need to dig up to five times a day.In addition, you can also use tetracycline ointment.Wash your hands before using it, then you need to lay 3-4 cm ointment for sore eyelid.Perform these steps before going to bed.

How to treat stye with pleasure, and tells the people in their recipes.You can apply on the affected eye warm compresses of medicinal plants such as plantain.When you feel that barley is about to appear, simply attach to this place a handkerchief soaked in a hot water.It helps and boiled potatoes, mashed form which is applied to the eye.

Remember, it is best to consult a doctor, especially if your attempt at self failed.This will help to get rid of barley in a short time.