"Fixed Price" - reviews.

often in an endless stream of cases we do not have time to buy what we wanted for a long time, because we do not have enough time.After all, to get around all the shops specialized in finding the right things, it is necessary to allocate from its fully loaded days required for the purchase of watches, and sometimes even plan for that day.This inconvenience disappears completely when in your life appears "Fixed Price" reviews which say the same thing!

"Fixed Price" - the universe of quality for little money

Department come into our lives because of one of its qualities - it saves time searching for the right things, to combine the food and industrial goods."Fixed Price" - a department store, which is his area of ​​200-300 square meters accommodates a huge variety of products.The price in the "Fixed Price" - 40 rubles per unit.It is generally obscenely lucrative offer.Many of us from the Soviet era is rooted in the consciousness that a quality product can not be cheap.But, as experience shows, in our age, when supply exceeds demand, expensive thing - not necessarily a guarantee of quality.Chain stores, department stores, "Fixed Price" seven years of its existence, and it was founded in December 2007, confirmed that the purchase the desired product of high quality is possible without a large financial costs.

This network covers a huge number of cities: Anapa Street.Crimea, d. 34, Belgorod, ul.Queen, 2, Yaroslavl, Moscow Ave., D. 108, Gelendzhik, st.Lenin, 10 ... It is impossible to list all the addresses of shops "Fixed Price" because the cities in which there are such grounds, very, very much.

Many large towns offer a variety of shops with only one intent - playground should be the maximum pass-through place to make you get the goods on the way home, not spending their time and money in order to specifically reach a-or department store.The fact that this store deserves your attention, is the fact that over the years the number of trading venues across the country has already exceeded fifteen hundred, to be exact, to date, opened in 1565 departments "Fixed Price".Moscow, for example, has 91 venues, including the main office.There are cities in which more than two dozen shops.However, if your city is only one such department, he will always be located in a convenient location.It is noteworthy that the town in which you would either have come to such a trading platform, the range will be the same for large and for small settlements, whether it is "Fixed Price" St. Petersburg or ASHA.If you are still unsure whether you need to go to the store, let's pause briefly, but the most informative on the fact that this organization offers to your attention.

School - great time

You know that child in school fees require certain financial costs, so why do not you visit for this purpose "Fixed Price"?Assortment of stationery, which offers a shop, sure to be interested in the diversity of choice of quality goods and the child will appreciate the brightness and unique appearance pencil cases, markers, pens, notepads, and more.And buying the set is very relevant in this period, the goods will do is not exactly a black hole in any wallet.

Gardening - work and pleasure

Whatever be your trip to the country or to another location to work on the ground or rest shop "Fixed Price" will offer you products that will facilitate work orwill rest easier.Gloves, garden stakes, shovels, hoes and blades facilitate your work, and charcoal lighter fluid and a variety of gratings for fish and meat to bring the necessary ease your holiday.

Pets - how much love they give us return

If you have a pet, then "Fixed Price" - is the place where you can buy for him everything you need: food, toys, bowls and sovochki packages for cleaning.Even the covers for animals, is warm and cozy, do not require large expenditures, but will give your pet a sense of love and caring.

Kitchen - wonderful world, where masterpieces created

How important for a woman to her kitchen was perfect.How much time and effort expended to create the atmosphere that will be conducive to creating culinary masterpieces."Fixed Price" (comments left by this store, devoted most of it is the subject cuisine) is trying to help us in our experiments, offering a variety of products that facilitate cooking and allow to present the dish nicely.Various devices for processing of vegetables and a variety of containers for ready meals.Variety of dishes on the variety and quality is not inferior to a core range of shops.

sparkling clean in the house - the pride of the mistress

As we are demanding is sometimes to clean!And how many products created to help us."Fixed Price" will offer you not only the means to support ideal cleanliness of your home, but also take care of protecting your hands.Gloves for washing floors, gloves microfiber cleaning dust.Various brushes and brooms, as well as very persistent air fresheners.

Bathtub - relaxation room, which consists of little things

Such unpretentious things like carpet or curtain for the bath, bought in "Fixed Price" will add to the atmosphere of our home comfort and warmth.The store will also offer you to choose in your bathroom such necessary things as stand toothbrushes, soap dish, a variety of sponges.Do not waste your time looking for a specialized department watering can or hose for the shower room.Shelf for shower will allow you to always keep in order your gels, shampoos and other little things that are present in the bathroom.

Textiles - a cozy charm of the house

network of shops "Fixed Price" will offer you a wide range of curtains, tablecloths wonderful and charming napkins for your home.Beautiful pillowcases, towels for kitchen and bathroom, pot - this is something that will interest any hostess.

repair with the "Fixed Price" - it's just

Add the stock of tools that can be useful in any situation fairly easily in any store "Fixed Price".Reviews huge selection of tools and supplies are perceived at first skeptical, but hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, tape, electrical tape and mites - are just a small part of what can fall your choice.This store will help to repair quality in your home or remove minor damage.

decor - an integral part of our home

Decorative figurines and casket, a huge assortment of picture frames and posters, elegant vases and pots for flowers will not leave you indifferent when shopping "Fixed Price".Artificial fruits and flowers, and decorative plates will add flavor to the interior of your home.Candles and different candlesticks bring a touch of romance to your evening meal.Many gifts will delight both you and the person you want to present a little interesting shopping."Fixed Price" interested needlewomen sewing kits, kits for weaving and embroidery thread and beads.Also, in the creation of handicrafts will be invaluable beautiful set of colorful stones and sand of various sizes and colors.

"Fixed Price" will take care of your health and beauty

Online store has a very large range of hygiene and cosmetic products.You will be quite easy to pick up a shampoo or hair conditioner, choose the appropriate fragrance shower gel or a cream-soap.Combs, hair curlers and nail files and foot, as well as manicure and pedicure sets - these are just a small part of what offers such an organization.Do not be indifferent and a large selection of decorative cosmetics and body care products.

clothes and jewelry for all ages in the "Fixed Price"

your attention will be presented to a rich selection of garments for different sex and age.Children skirts, shirts, dresses and tops.Scarves, gloves, socks, belts and hats.You can always choose your size and nice color.It is worth to buy, and the necessary accessories for clothing and footwear.Huge selection of jewelry will attract the attention of both women and girls.Rubber bands, hair clips and headbands make your unique hairstyle.Earrings, rings, brooches and bracelets will help to create a complete image.

C "Fixed Price" eat tasty and inexpensive

Most of the range given food.Here you will find a lot of familiar products at very low cost.Surprisingly large selection of tea and coffee, canned food and juices, pastries and sweets, and which in this amazing store seasonings!Food is always excellent quality, information about the manufacturer and expiration date are easy to find at each unit of product.

Map Store

Map "Fixed Price" was introduced recently.It is necessary to use special offers and privileges.With the card you can win special prizes, and you can buy it at any store for 40 rubles.To participate in the prize draw can accumulate a certain number of points on the map.The more purchases are committing - the more points you get!


impossible to list all the range of goods stores "Fixed Price", as it has more than two thousand items.Of particular note is that in an organization are always shares "2-for-1" and "3-for-1".And if the search engine type "bonus fixed price ru", then we get to the official page of this shop, which is played out 100 prizes each month!This machine, TVs, laptops, tablets, and more.

In conclusion, I would like to say, you will never regret making a choice in favor of stores "Fixed Price".Reviews are your are pleasant and add to the vast number of positive comments from other customers.