Alienation of Property

Disposition involves the transfer of things in the property of others, and the right of ownership to it, including the rights expressed in securities.It is not a waiver of alienation of property, transfer of items to use, temporary right to use the property, intellectual property and granting rights to the alienation in the future.

alienation to be the only things cash rights.You can not dispose of services and intellectual property.

basis of property rights can act: making things for themselves;purchasing things on the basis of contracts of donation, exchange, sale, and other transactions;inheritance;assignment of found property.Ownership can pass on movable and immovable property.List of real estate and movable, which can be secured on the property right, which is enshrined in legislation, is not exhaustive.

In case of refusal or loss of ownership of the thing, its destruction and disposal of the owner of the things to others, otherwise the property right ceases.

By law the alienation of immovable property in connection with the possible withdrawal of the plot on which it is in the case of improper use of the land or the need to use it for public use.

Disposition is based on contracts: gift, sale, barter and others.At the conclusion of the contract of sale, the selling side transmits thing in the ownership of the buyer, and he in turn receives the goods and pays the price.The same rule applies to the sale of property rights.

upon transfer of the contract of barter one person transfers property to another in exchange for their goods.In addition, each of the parties is in fact the seller and buyer and undertakes to transfer the goods and take the goods of another person.

When the contract of gift giver gratis passes to the donee property or right to property ownership or exempt from property liability to itself or related to the transaction by a third person.

alienation property can be expressed in the form of donations, which refers to its donation to socially useful purposes.So, the donations sent to the various institutions of social protection, educational institutions, hospitals and other health organizations, charitable and religious organizations, citizens, enterprises.

When making the redemption price specified in the contract for the lease, as well as at the end of the lease term, the leased property becomes the property of the tenant.

Disposition of an annuity contract provides for the transfer recipient rents property to the person paying the rent, and he, in turn, for it shall pay a sum of money for its maintenance.Under the contract rent may be permanent, that is indefinite or lifetime.Contract Rents must be notarized, and if the property is immovable, the contract shall be subject to state registration.Alienated property under payment of rent can be transferred to the ownership of the rent payer payment or free of charge.When the transfer fee apply the rules of sale and at the free - the rules of the contract of donation.

property can be alienated and through repossession of his existing obligations.This is mainly a court decision.This property right is terminated from the date of its transfer to another person, who, in turn, there is a right of ownership of this thing.

alienation of land can not be done without good reason.His owner is not later than one year must be in writing warned about alienation for state needs by purchasing.

When removal plot for public use without termination of the right of property is not possible, the property can be withdrawn through the purchase or sale at public auction.

However, if in the judgment public body can prove that the alienation of land can not be made without stopping the ownership of it, the removal is not possible.