100% guarantee for a loan.

We encounter this phrase when to view ads in which services are offered credit brokers.Typically, it is present in ads for a loan in cash, less the mortgage loans and loans secured by real estate.

Similar ads we are seeing everywhere: in newspapers or the Internet, on poles, in the subway, at bus stops.And once there is confidence in this soothing phrase, a thought, "If they do guarantee a loan, so they can be trusted, they know their business, professionals."

Unfortunately, in practice it turns out that the phrase "100% guarantee of the loan" is at best unfair advertising at worst unprofessional.

need to start with the fact that when submitting the information to the bank considers a variety of data specified in the credit application form (income, expenses, employment, the presence of existing loans are paid Repayment etc.).

checks the documents confirming the identity and the documents from the employer confirming employment and income.

you ever wondered how people will guarantee a loan, if your employer what is wrong or wrongly have assured these documents.

There are cases where an employee at a call from the bank to work the borrower gets a call on the personnel with whom the borrower has a strained relationship, and he said that you would soon be cut down and give you a loan will be nothing.And can you do that something extra was told the bank employee, and it was decided to refuse you.

organization process the credit transaction, depends not only on the loan broker, and a variety of factors, and some of these factors, the broker can not influence, so the phrase "100% guarantee of the loan" does not match the capabilities of the people who show itin their ads.

Finally it should be noted that the probability of obtaining a loan through credit brokers is much higher than for a personal visit to the bank.This is due to the fact that due to the specifics of their activities brokers know the Bank's credit policy, will help to prepare the documents correctly, to accelerate the loan application not to mention the selection of the right bank or credit program.

, however, a high probability of getting a loan is no guarantee