Driving the cabin "AN-24", its characteristics and photos

«An-24" is turbinovintovym passenger aircraft.It is intended for the airlines short and medium range.Its design has 2 powerful turboprop engine (AI-24 series number 2 or AI-24T) with a screw-type air (AB-72, AB-72T).He has a flight range of 3,000 km, cruising speed - 490 km / h limit takeoff weight of 21 tons. Produced the aircraft from 1959 to 1979 was produced more than 1,000 units of this aircraft.Hitherto, the use is more than 300 units.Basically the aircraft "AN-24" is used in the CIS and African countries.It is known fact.Next, look at the model in detail.


Development turboprop twin-engine aircraft "AN-24", which provides for the operation of air routes on a local destination, began in 1958 on the 473-GSOKB them.Antonov.It is carried out by order of the USSR number 1417-656 of 12.18.1957, the According to the document, the aircraft "AN-24", the characteristics of which are listed below, should the transport of passengers with a load of 4,000 kg at a distance of up to 400 km with a certainspeed - 450 km / h.Also provides for the use of AI-24 engines.

aircraft "AN-24" carried out the initial flight of 10/20/1959 In this case, due to its helm was the crew, the command which was carried out as a test pilot Lysenko GI Conduct follow-factory and state tests fell to 1961.

Serial production of "An-24" was carried out in the first half of 1962 at the Kiev factory № 473. In September of the same year held its first passenger flight.On 10/31/1962, he began to operate the aircraft "AN-24" on the route "Kyiv-Kherson."

production of the aircraft was carried out until 1979 From 1962 to 1979 was carried out production of more than 1,200 units.Of these, 1028 were prepared by the Kiev Aviation Plant "Aviant."An analogue of the aircraft was made in China.Its name was «Y-7".

Design and layout scheme of the aircraft "AN-24»

This model is an all-metal cantilever monoplane, which is high-wing.There is also a tricycle landing gear type, which has two front twin wheels.Passenger aircraft "AN-24" consists of the following components:

  • fuselage of the "semi-monocoque."
  • power set - stringers and beams.Links - kleesvarnye.
  • traditional layout: front - cabin crew, then between the luggage compartment - passenger cabin with a buffet and a toilet.
  • Wing: Power set - two spar and 23 nerfyury.
  • Flaps: on the center - odnoschelevye.They are rejected.Next - double-slotted sliding.The ailerons are split.
  • Plumage - a traditional type with an additional ventral keel.
  • Chassis: tricycle with swivel front desk.
  • dual wheels.Pressure control is carried out on them in the ground.
  • power installations: 2 TMD AI-24.In this case, the power - 2550 liters.from.There is a screw with variable pitch.Its diameter of 3.9 m.

Advantages construction

It has the following advantages:

  1. A increase in the useful volume of the fuselage.This is due to the high position of center.
  2. substantial absence of discontinuities in the upper part of the wing, and displays, the diffuser reduces lift effect at the junctions with the fuselage.This important feature.As a result, it increases the aerodynamic properties of the wing.Under the diffuser effect is meant the boundary layer flow due to the interference of the ground.It occurs at the junction of the wing and the fuselage.
  3. good transverse and longitudinal stability of the aircraft.She is saved due to the absence of flow separation, as well as supercritical angles of attack.
  4. presence of high mounted engine.This allows you to operate the aircraft "AN-24" on the unpaved airfields as foreign objects sucked into the engine.
  5. High wing is blocking your view passengers and facilitates loading operations.


However, there are disadvantages of this design.They are as follows:

  1. Long landing gear require a larger gondolas.This leads to an increase in resistance.
  2. Compared with nizkoplanom in this model during takeoff and landing creates less effective airbag.

aircraft "AN-24".Features wing

In this case:

  • Area: 74.98 sqm.
  • Profile:
    - 1-7 ribs (used TsAGI-S5-18);
    - 8-11 ribs - Transition profiles;
    - 12-23 - TsAGI-SV-13.

In this model, the ribs are twisted relative to the root at an angle from 0 ° to 2,5o.This, combined with a change in the profile provides an aerodynamic and geometric twist of the wing, thereby providing laminirizatsiya vledstvie flow.This leads to a reduction in resistance, increased lift and ailerons efficiency and to increase speed, causing flutter effect.

  • Elongation: 11.7.It is the ratio of the square to the swing area.
  • Narrowing: 3.92.It is the ratio of the chord root rib to the console.

narrowing and lengthening in this case chosen such that in conjunction with the twist to ensure a uniform load on the wing and reduce drag.Also carried out a balanced-line failure in the large angles of attack.

  • Sweep: on the center there.Next to the console - 6,5o.
  • Cross V. Only the console - -2o.

This provides lateral stability.The result is increased control in case of failure of one of the engines.This also contributes to an increase in the vibrational stability and reducing roll towards the failed engine.

  • Adjusting the angle of the wing: 3o.Selected in order to reduce the resistance of the fuselage due to its location along the flow at cruising speed.
  • Aileron unbalanced lenticular.There aerodynamic compensation of 29%.

modifications to these models

In this case:

  • «An-24B."A passenger plane with 50 seats.It is the main type of the original.Perhaps its refurbishment in the Utility and administrative.
  • «An-24RV."It is equipped with turbojet booster, capacity 1950 liters.from.This results in fast start the main engines.
  • «An-24T" - a purely transport version with a cargo door at the bottom of the fuselage.Plumage in this case has two undernail keel on either side of the hatch.
  • «An-24RT" - it is also a form of transport with the booster motor, as in "An-24RV."
  • «AN-24LP" - modification to extinguish forest fires.


aircraft "AN-24" has the following specifications:

  • Type: "AN-24".
  • size wingspan: 29,2 m.
  • Fuselage length: 23,52 m.
  • parameter aircraft altitude: 8,32 m.
  • Wing area: 72.46 m².In versions with center wing flaps odnoschelevymi - 74.98 meters.
  • Weight empty - 13.3 m;Equipment - 13.75 m.
  • Payload: 4,6 tons of cargo / passenger 48/38 men / 24 stretchers.
  • index maximum takeoff weight is equal to 21 tons. For the "AN-24RV" - 21.8 tons. The upgraded aircraft, given the strength of the chassis - 23.5 tons.
  • mass of fuel: 4.76 m.
  • Crew: 5human.
  • power installations: 2 TMD AI-24A according to 2550 liters.from.In a modification of "An-24RV" added one for the turbo engine.

Availability flight characteristics

In this case:

  • Cruising speed: 490 km / h.
  • practical range: 990 km.
  • Maximum speed: 540 km / h.
  • Ferry Range: 2820 km.
  • practical ceiling: 9100 m.
  • Takeoff: 500 m.


After reading the above, you can totally imagine how looks the aircraft "AN-24".Overall, the model is not bad.At the time, the aircraft "AN-24", a photo of which are herein considered good in its own way.