Krasnoyarsk HPP history construction

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Immediately after World War II, it became clear that the country to restore its capacity requires huge amounts of electricity.This was especially true in Siberia where in the 41-42 years of the last century have been evacuated hundreds of factories and enterprises.

At the time already passed an intensive construction of nuclear power plants, but for the construction of stations needed upscale workers and scientists, which in those years, sorely lacking.In addition, the Siberian region has always been rich with its magnificent rivers, the energy of which the government really wanted to use for the good of the country.It appeared so magnificent Krasnoyarsk HPP, familiar to many for the ten-bill.

How it all began

8 August 1959 in the great Siberian river channel was dropped granite slab on which was inscribed the motto of the monumental construction began: "Submit, Yenisei!".Throughout the world, such a daring challenge to the power of nature was perceived with a fair skepticism.Europe has forgotten, with what undisguised disdain then looked at Lenin announced the global five-year program of electrification vast country.Lenin kept his promise, but that did not stop a flood of ridicule.

«It is impossible to block the largest full-flowing river as it is - a silly fantasy of the Soviets" - wrote foreign editions.Soon they realized their mistake and this time.The very construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station was excellent refutation of this, serving as a symbol of another victory of man over the forces of nature.

short, the construction of the century (which is already in a row) was at the hearing, not only in the Soviet Union.In Krasnoyarsk, which at that time was a closed city, on this occasion, even admitted foreign journalists.March 25, 1963 began damming the river.At 10 am the first element was dropped ceilings, and in the Yenisei 21.00 was completely blocked.

However, it all began in 1955 when the Soviet Komsomol simple laid the foundations for the energy security of the entire region.

really golden youth

In early November (!) 1955 arrived at the scene the first 200 people.No roads, no accommodation ... Young people are at first lived in tents.And that - in the most difficult conditions of the Siberian winter!Labor veterans told us that in the morning had to literally tear off from the sleeping bags through the frozen ground.Construction was very slow and difficult: there were severe frosts and heavy equipment almost was not.

Arise, great country!

soon hauled another 140 people from the Ivanovo region.They all heard the appeal of the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU.However, soon it became respond to young people from all the huge Union.Someone wrote to the leadership of the Party's desire to go to Siberia, but many came without invitation.Already in 1962 he received the title of the Komsomol construction.

That youth was the main "engine" of the giant project.However, their mentors were experienced engineers and former soldiers of engineering and construction troops.Many young builders have lost all their relatives in the war, and so on building a truly family atmosphere reigned: the youth are sincerely trying to learn from the veterans.They did it so successfully that Krasnoyarsk HPP was finished yesterday's "green" children, many of whom were not even 25 years old.

Progress of

order to facilitate and organize the work, were defeated three construction sites.On one of them, which was closest to the construction site, the train brought all the necessary materials and entrenching tools.Next was the transshipment point in Laletina.Hence the precious cargo carried in Divnogorsk, which turned the main construction activity.Many had to stay on the transshipment bases, as work on the loading and unloading of huge volumes of cargo require a large number of workers.

For four years it took only preparatory works: it was built from the ground all the necessary social infrastructure, workers paved roads and power lines stretched.In addition, it has been built and will soon become fully operational woodworking plant, which provides a lot of necessary construction materials.

normal only after the construction of settlements could throw all forces on the construction of the hydropower plant.

In 1960 he became head of the enterprise Andrei Bochkin.He was a true demiurge of the Irkutsk hydroelectric power station, so the experience of coordinating a number of construction sites from this amazing man was huge.That he was looking for engineers who created the ship lift Krasnoyarsk HPP: Yenisei River - the river navigable, and therefore the project was difficult even by today's standards.

Gagarin flew!

Immediately after the initial overlap of the river happened even more significant event: the construction site itself, Yuri Gagarin flew!Do not pass as he waited for the builders.As early as six in the morning when the plane of the first cosmonaut in the world touched the runway, work was in full swing.And at 11 am it has been performed daily rate!

The world's best shovel

In the "legacy" of the astronaut's number 1 left a shovel.Its like the greatest shrine, passed from Intermediate to Intermediate.This legendary instrument and still kept in the museum Divnogorsk.

However, at the stage of its construction Krasnoyarsk HPP saw almost all top officials.And this is not surprising, because in the depths of the Siberian wilderness brings to life a truly titanic project.Already in 1970, he earned the first generator station, which immediately gave first electricity.Thus, the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station was officially recognized as the most powerful in the world.

only Sayano-Shushenskaya station was able to break this record.Guess who built it?Yes, in 1972, when the operation was introduced 12 block in Sayan drove almost all participants of the great building.That's when built Krasnoyarsk HPP.

Energy artery Siberia

This hydropower plant has become one of the most powerful energy producers in the region.Its power is equal to 6000 MW.But energy production - is not the only function of the station.It is a powerful distribution hub in the transfer of energy to the eastern markets.In addition, JSC "Krasnoyarsk HPP" is a reserve and a guarantee of energy security in the region if the case for a state of emergency, entailing de-energizing cities and towns, a replacement function is take the local generators.

Immediately after entering into operation of the region bloomed anew.Deserted villages after the war (not all, unfortunately) again began to be occupied by people, a huge number of new industrial enterprises.Generally, when it was built Krasnoyarsk HPP, Siberia has once again become a symbol of industrialization primarily an agricultural country.

By the way, even today, this hydropower plant is one of the most powerful, not only in the country but also around the world.More than half of the people who work here have a higher technical education and a variety of degrees.Of course, they always stand up for the introduction of new technologies for the production.

updated and perfect

course, the largest hydroelectric power station Krasnoyarsk Krai could not always remain in pristine condition.But even in the hardest in 1991 still managed to allocate funds for its reconstruction.Now fully repaired and replaced parts in all 12 power units, and extended the service life of the station for at least another 40 years.

also been completely replaced by telecommunication systems, to repair themselves computer rooms.Today, residents of the city proud and grateful to those who gave the country is an amazing engineering marvel.