Mackenzie (river).

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Mackenzie - is the largest river in North America, particularly Canada.Its length is over 4000 km.In this article, you can learn a lot about this pond.

origin of the name

longest longest river in Canada is named after explorer and discoverer - Scotsman Alexander Mackenzie.It was he who made the first journey of its waters in 1789.This river of Europeans are interested in as a potential path that will lead to the Pacific Ocean.But McKenzie - a river that could not get them on the Pacific coast, as it is fenced off from it to the west side of the Rocky Mountains.

first name of the river in the translation from English means "disappointment" or "dissatisfaction".It is likely that in the first researcher she produced not a very good impression.

geographical position of the Mackenzie River

Mackenzie flows north-west of the country.Thanks to the numerous tributaries, it is an extensive river system.It takes about 20% of Canada.The basin lies in several Canadian provinces.He was treated a number of Canadian lakes.The main route of the river passes through the lands of the circumpolar region of the country, who are known as the Northwest Territories.

Mackenzie originates from the Great Slave Lake.It is the deepest body of water in North America.Its depth is 614 meters.This lake is considered one of the wonders of local nature.Mackenzie empties into the Bay of the Beaufort Sea of ​​the Arctic Ocean.11% of the total flow - its water.

at the confluence of the bay formed swampy delta of the Mackenzie River, it occupies a vast area - about 12,000 square binds the permafrost soil.

Northwest - in that direction carries its waters Mackenzie.The river valley formed from the alluvial strata and water-glacial deposits.It is covered mainly spruce forest and swampy.


Mackenzie River is not only the longest river in North America, but also quite deep.Therefore, it is suitable for navigation.According to her during the summer of 2000 km go riverboats.But the river bed and in winter is used for business purposes, however, it is very unusual.Ice road for cars - a winter Mackenzie.The river forms a very thick and solid ice.Its thickness can reach up to 2 meters, so the movement of vehicles is absolutely safe.

Since the pond is to the Arctic water sources, it feeds mostly snow-rainfall.During the melting of snow and ice are frequent severe flooding.Canada's climate is harsh enough.In view of the Mackenzie River in the central and northern regions of the country is covered by ice more than six months: from mid-October to early May.Sometimes freezing can last until the beginning of June, mainly occurs in the lower reaches of the reservoir.

Where is the river?

Canadian River flows through a vast area of ​​the country.The area consists mainly of forests and the forest.As a rule, it is deserted, pristine expanses of man.Mackenzie Beach, wooded, very picturesque.It found a lot of species of wildlife, including the famous grizzly bears.Many heavily waterlogged areas - about 18% of the total basin.On its entire length Mackenzie River, photos of which are presented in this article has a fairly wide track, it can be up to 5 km.The water is calm, unhurried.Vertical drop from its source to its mouth Mackenzie quite small and is just over 150 meters.

Interesting facts

far from the northernmost settlement in Canada Tuktoyaktuk, where the mouth of the Mackenzie River, located gidrolakkolity, or ping.This cone-shaped hills.They are made up of gravel and other elements of the soil, which is literally squeezed out of the bowels of the earth to the surface under the influence of ice overlying the bottom.Hills can be up to 40 meters and 300 meters in diameter.

in the waters of the Mackenzie home to about 53 species of fish.An interesting fact is that many representatives of fauna are genetically related to those who live in the Mississippi River.Scientists have a theory that in the past, these reservoirs could be linked by a system of lakes and streams.

River today

Mackenzie - is the main transport artery.According to her carrying cargo in both winter and summer.The level of seasonal variations in river water used for hydropower production.It built several dams.They not only produce the necessary energy for humans, but also struggling with the floods during the flood.In the south, made possible the development of agriculture.

Territory Mackenzie Basin is rich in minerals:

  1. oil.
  2. gas.
  3. coal.
  4. Gold.
  5. tungsten.
  6. potassium salt.
  7. silver.
  8. Uranus.
  9. diamonds and others.

Due to developments in the field of mining, many inhospitable places Mackenzie Basin turned into human inhabited territory.Mackenzie-river, its banks are almost entirely covered with forests.So here it is in full swing extraction of raw materials and blanks.The basin is home to only 1% of Canada's population - about 400,000 people.It is about 0.2 people per 1 lately, more and more important regional economy plays ecotourism.

Mackenzie River is a very attractive place for tourists - adventure seekers who can make the journey by canoe or boat.No wonder every year thousands of pilgrims come here from all over the world.