The effect of blind man's buff

My friend worked as an investigator, and from time to time on duty in the operations group, travels to various incidents.Incoming calls - one corpse in the apartment, like a man hanged himself, should go to explore, learn, whether criminal, well, continue on the situation.

group arrives at the address, telephone in the apartment, and there - a wedding walks, the bodies the next day can only appear (if anyone perepet).Well, if this thing decides buddy probably call it was false, could frustrated bride or groom joke rebuffed (remember "Eternal memory Lazarevich Sigismund and his sister from Chisinau ...").

friend returned to the police station, reports the person on duty, so they say, and so, the call is false, and that he - what the hell false again some aunt of 02 called and said that the apartment where you were hanging blind man's buff, and the policeI do not go.Begins to find out where was the challenge, it turns out - with the same street, just a house across the street, but the address of the corpse indicated is the one where the wedding.

then takes my buddy decision to go to this address where the call went and find out what the aunt there so cute jokes and deal with all severity.Come back, opens the door for him Grandma "God dandelion" in a wheelchair.He's at it, they say, why persecute, you old goat - do nothing, deign to joke, people, you know the wedding, and you still see caricatures gallows?The old woman quite seriously taxis up to the window and stretches friend field glasses and says - you supposedly see hanging man had the whole evening, and no one do not care as long as I had not noticed, and not where you want to call.

Looks friend binoculars and my eyes do not believe: in fact still in the same room appears wedding is played, and the other - hanging blind man's buff, dimly lit light bulb.And from time to time people from the room where the wedding, come into the room where the hanging and hanging on as if nothing had happened come back.Do not believe your eyes, it gives binocular sergeant-driver to, they say, and it still looked, he looked up and said - fuck-me-well, and in fact precisely peasant hanging.After this task force breaks into the apartment where the wedding and the room where the newly hanged with binoculars watched, they saw that on the wall of the room hangs a huge poster of Jean Claude Van Damme, whose image and gave the effect of blind man's buff hanging in the houseon the contrary.

Once when guests at the wedding realized what was happening, they do not want to let operations group of apartments, began to welcome the granny out of the window with binoculars.

Finally, after drinking the health of the young, man with an operations group out of the apartment and went to the old woman, foreseeing that in the apartment against her will take place also the wedding night, as it should be after all the wedding, granny advised not to stay long inwindows and not to call for 02 of the rape had taken place.

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