The most stupid death: funny and want to cry

That only surprising, unimaginable and no stupid happening in our crazy world.Each strives to excel, become famous and glorified in any way.Someone is becoming a famous actor, someone - a popular singer, and someone is remembered around the world with his own death.That's these "differences" and a special award - the Award of Darwin or the title of "The most stupid death."This prize, awarded annually to individuals who have completed their existence in this bustling world's most incredible and stupid way.Particularly important and a prerequisite for participation in the marathon deaths and receiving the award is no relatives and no direct descendants.The creators of the award do not need problems.According to official data, the prize may be awarded and the living people who have lost their reproductive capacity or become "vegetables" as a result of stupid accident that happened to them because of their own stupidity.

A case where the prize "The most stupid death" was awarded to the robber, who, fleeing from his pursuers, climbed over the fence "places not so remote."It is clear that after this he lost his reproductive functions.

What a stupid death of the last few years can apply for the award of Darwin?This article will be given the most absurd and puzzling cases.

What is written on, really silly, strange and unbelievable, but these things happen in this world.The main thing is do not try to repeat it.

So, before you a list of the 10 most stupid deaths.Awful, incredibly funny, but it's a fact.And nothing can be done, we can only marvel at how they could!

  1. headed by our top most stupid deaths last few years an incredible and terrible incident that occurred in 2003.A teenager angry at my father because of the missing chocolate.Confident and unflappable Mr. Hurst gave his son into the hands of a knife, saying, "If you hate so dad - go ahead."What happened next, you guessed it.
  2. most stupid death can happen to those who have survived more than once.For example, Mr. Hayett spent half his life in the operating room.He underwent surgery for a liver transplant, kidney, stomach, pancreas and duodenum.However, when he decided to screw in a light bulb at his dacha, he fell from his chair and died of a simple head injury.
  3. Syrian citizen in his 35 years felt like a really happy, afraid that in the future it will happen any mishap, and he never again feel this happiness.And committed suicide, leaving a suicide note.
  4. lad Joshua felt a slight hiccups.Then he asked his best friend to knock on his chest.However, he did not realize that in his home even before it was a lot of heart attacks.
  5. another heart attack happened to the officer, who was waiting for more than eight years upward.When it finally happened, he died of happiness.
  6. California driver who year after year traveled through the villages and pastures, was crushed, has wasted cabin cow.
  7. Boss with his secretary decided to make love in an inflatable boat.Both were killed by lightning in the most piquant moment.The widow of the deceased has decided that God's punishment.Incredibly cold-blooded person!
  8. poacher decided to catch fish without much effort.For her stunning, he used an electric discharge.But by chance he fell into the water and died of electric shock.
  9. Thailand gardener decided to take revenge centipede that had the audacity to bite him.Man in anger swallowed her alive.After some time, he felt a wave of nausea, and died 2 hours.
  10. most stupid death can occur because of the desire to try something new and different.Thus, a resident of Sweden, decided to diversify their sexual feelings with the help of hornet's nest.As a result, his body was found 146 bites, 56 of which have been seen on the genitals sensualist.