Pragmatism - is the lack of morality?

By definition D. Dunham, pragmatism - it is a way of determining the optimal.Translated from the Greek word «pragma» translated as "practice effect".The moral philosophy of pragmatism direction was teeming with the beginning and the end of the 50-ies of XX century.The basis of the doctrine laid the philosopher William James, who formulated the two original principle of pragmatism:

1. Welcome - this is what corresponds to the collective needs.

2. Each moral situation is unique, so each time you need to look for a new solution made.

Later Dewey's pragmatist philosopher and ethics Tufts launched these provisions in the whole theory.Meaning of the word "pragmatic" defines this term as the ability to plan and act without departing from the plan.The ability to choose the most important and cut too much, so as not to exchange their basic needs in the hustle and bustle of life.

theory of pragmatism

Pragmatism - the exception of two extremes in ethics: the moral absolutism and dogmatism.Moral values ​​are considered in this case as something universal and does not depend on changing situations.If we analyze the theory of pragmatism, it is evident that it is not peculiar to defend the rights of reason and morality.

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Pragmatism - a negation of the values ​​generally accepted moral principles.Pragmatists argue that the problem of moral character should be dealt with by the individual to the particular situation in which it is located.Consequently, the pragmatists deny the probability of a theoretical analysis of life's problems.Also, in their view, it is impossible to turn the ethical standards in the "practical science".

essence of pragmatism

Pragmatism - a desire to ensure that the invested efforts and time spent paid off the result.A short path should not harass traveler, otherwise it is not quite true.Public morality sharply criticized pragmatism.Meaning of the word condemned by society, that is displayed in the well-known phrases such as "Dream on," or "a lot like, get a little."But pragmatism - a feature very correct and useful for the realization of plans and objectives.Awareness of own goals allow you to choose and decide that you want really.

Many believe that pragmatism - is the ability to extract a personal benefit and the benefit of all that is happening around.But in reality - is one way to determine the life goals, as well as their implementation.It is assumed that in order to achieve the objectives you can use all available means, even if they go beyond the generally accepted rules of morality and ethics.

This approach is pragmatic to the problem of ends and means, in essence, means justify the morality of any action, as someone already occupied their implementation.The main task of reason in morality is reduced to the solution of a purely practical task: to find the most effective way to solve any purpose.In some cases, justify unprincipled pragmatism, amorality and policies to achieve desired goals by any means.