How to make straps for horizontal bar: tips

fans and fans of lessons on the bar often perform quite dangerous elements in the training process.And to avoid injury kindly requested to take care of the insurance.To ensure the proper level of security can be special straps, which are also called belts, ropes, strings.It is not necessary to spend the money and buy them in a sports shop.You'd like to make straps for their own horizontal bar.If at any point, your hands will not withstand the load, these tools will help you not break.

Buying material

straps for horizontal bar with your hands to make a snap.But for this you will need to choose the right material.Some people prefer to save and use an elastic bandage.This is unwise, because the strap should get strong.You should not use belts or straps on the bags.The best option - to buy a tow rope or webbing waist.The most important criterion, which is based - is the strength of the material.For safety it is better not to save.

Preparatory work

If you want to learn how to make straps to the bar, you need to carry out preparatory work.Get a rope, it should be done with the stock.Two-layer product will be the most reliable.Length matter should reach 65 to 75 centimeters.Determined based on the width of the bar, where you will be engaged, and the width of the wrist of your hand.If you can not understand, short or long straps are obtained, there is a method that should be used.Grasp one end of the matter, then wrap it around your wrist three times (in the case of double-layer shoulder straps - six times), can now be cut.When you have one thing, you can make a second on the first.Regarding the width of the article: it all individually.But the average value of the index - from three to five centimeters.

How to sew straps for horizontal bar

Now you can start to work.It is necessary to cut the material, then fold it several times and just ask.It is best to use for this machine.However, if such equipment is not, sew by hand.Before you check the straps to practice, you need to make sure that they do not create discomfort, do not press.But they also do not hang need.It is necessary to look for a "sweet spot".


When you understand how to make the straps to the bar, the work will be finished, you are ready to use them.If you need to take the neck straight grip, the hand is recommended to insert in the front seat.If you plan to lower the grip, then - on the back side.When your product is stretched by constant training, just sew it to another layer.You need to know exactly what the straps, made with their own hands, can trust.It depends on your health and safety.

If you understand how to make the straps to the bar, and all actions carried out correctly, the exercise will take place in the normal mode.The main thing that your straps are secure and comfortable.After all, the slightest discomfort able to spoil the occupation.Good webbing can handle an impressive weight.So it takes without fear.