What is the average life expectancy by country

Annually in every country conducted research on the socio-demographic background.His change is influenced by many factors: fertility, mortality, the state policy in the social sphere, the retirement age, index of health of the nation, the rate of inflation, and much more.This research forms the basis of the rating, which shows the life expectancy of the countries.Why is this necessary?With the help of rating experts determine where the standard of living is highest.

Some terminology and statistics

To fully understand this topic, you must define basic terms.The life expectancy of the countries - is the demographic indicator that shows the level of mortality.In other words, the average number of years lived by the average person.The indicator is constantly changing.This is due to the events that take place in different countries and affect the duration of the activity.

This option, as life expectancy in the countries, is also dependent on many chronic diseases.It should be noted that young people at this stage become chronic illnesses, who 40 years ago had been the lot of the elderly.This is environmental degradation, lack of exercise, harmful food, move the person to a model of the consumer society.

According to WHO estimates, the main indicator of the quality of the health care system is the average life expectancy by country.This index shows the number of years that must have lived, on average people who were born in the same year, or have reached a particular age in the present tense.This index is considered valid if, assuming that during their life the death rate in a particular age group would not differ much from the one that was in the same year.

Every year specialists produce test statistics, based on which concludes that the change of the index of fertility and mortality.Taking into account characteristics such as age of the dead people and the cause of death.On the basis of these data and derived indicators such as life expectancy by country.

struggle to raise the living standards

Life expectancy in the countries of the Atlantic, Japan and China still remains at a high level.At the same time as confident a tendency to a decrease in fertility.States are trying to deal with this problem by taking various measures.The efforts are aimed not only at increasing the length of life of people.

Scientists have identified a threshold that a person can expect to live, according to a gene inherent in the material.That's an average of 120 years.Therefore, science and medicine have to go.Life expectancy in the countries of today is much lower than we would like.Therefore, various research centers at present busy with the problems of human aging and extend his youth.In recent years, there were many loud statements on the subject.It speaks of a breakthrough in the study of the problem, achieving some results.Work today is very expensive.Mass apply them in relation to the population is not able to even the country in the world that is rich enough.Therefore, governments are still paying attention to a change in mindset of people towards healthy lifestyles and improve health care of older persons.

death rate among men and women of different

The average life expectancy in the countries of the world among men, according to statistics, less than that of women.Approximately 4-6 years.Depending on the country and its prospects for development, economic and political component.In some States, the gap is even greater - up to 10-14 years.

What factors affect the lives of men

The average life expectancy in the countries of the world among men depends on many factors.The presence of harmful habits, nutrition, how much he sleeps like a rest, whether engaged in sports than sick.These are the main physical aspects that directly affect the length of life.

working conditions in which the men work, hard physical labor, the risk profession also cut back a few years.This may also include extreme fascination, whose popularity today is gaining momentum around the world.Love the risk does not pass in vain for the body.

War.Worldwide, there are new armed conflicts.Since participation in them takes the male half of humanity, and the life of them, respectively, is reduced.

the men cut his age because of the psychological component.They tend to live to wear, the most prone to panic and stress due to the fact that too impulsive.Recently become too apathetic in relation to the family, friends, associates.The lack of enthusiasm than ever, the possibility to switch brains with thoughts about work, financial situation led to a deterioration of the emotional state of a person.All this affects the psychological state of men and leads to wear body.

What can you say about the level of women's lives?

why life expectancy is higher for women?This is largely due to the development of medicine.The early period of detection of diseases, reducing child mortality, communicable and non-communicable diseases, the prevention of disease.Women are more attentive to their health, and if they have a concern, they seek medical advice immediately, without postponing.

women less than men prone to bad habits.They pay much attention to nutrition, physical education, energetic lifestyle.In psychological terms, women are more inert, stable.Despite their emotional behavior may find its stem not only in work but also in the family to which they are attached.Women are constantly addicted to something, they go to all kinds of courses and master their own home.All-round activity, not only physically, but also psychologically, contributes to the preservation of health.Thus, women prolong their lives.

Global indicators

As has been said, every year, is updated ranking of countries according to life expectancy.Tragically, as a result of last year's list of the people of Russia is nothing to rejoice.Our state confidently takes only 129th.The average life expectancy at the same time a little more than 66 years.If you compare the list of countries by life expectancy greater than Russia, the following (taken into account the CIS countries):

  1. Kazakhstan (slightly more than 67 years).
  2. Turkmenistan (a little more 68 years).
  3. Kyrgyzstan (68.9 years).

leading countries in life expectancy following:

  1. Japan.The mean life expectancy is 82.15 years.
  2. Singapore.Life expectancy is 82 years.
  3. France.People in this country live an average of about 81 years.

Among the outsiders particularly hard allocated to countries such as Zambia, Angola and Swaziland.This is primarily due to the fact that these states are constant military conflicts.


This review describes a situation associated with longevity.As an example, some countries have shown that occupy both leading and lagging position.We hope that this review will help you to understand this complex subject.