As wound footcloths correctly: ways

Probably many of us have heard in conversation the word "footcloth."Few people know what it is and why.And if you ask someone how to wind the foot bindings, it is unlikely he will give reliable answer.That is why, let's see what kind of "strange" thing, and what is its purpose.

What footcloth?

Footcloths called a small piece of tissue from a durable and warm material.The subject belongs to the category of underwear, used for wrapping the legs.Functional characteristics footcloths same as that of the sock, so they can be safely worn with any type of footwear.

paintings from the past: the appearance of foot bindings and its purpose

footcloth first appeared in the distant past, in the days of the Roman Empire.Its use has been especially true during the period of hostilities.No army was not without an element of military uniforms.Correctly wound cut quality fabrics saved from the weather, protects feet soldier from injuries, excessive sweating in the hot season.Knowledge of the Romans how to wind the foot bindings, passed down from generation to generation, so that the art of wrapping legs spread around the world and reached our times.

Properties of footcloths knew and the people of Russia."Homemade Sock" became popular during the reign of Peter I.The desire of the king, always and everywhere to meet European standards led to a slight modernization of the country and the army.The change came after the governor travels to Holland, where portyanochnoe product has long found its application.

Years later the king, again following the example of the developed countries tried to cancel wearing puttees and style stockings.This idea is known as a bad experience in the world of clothing, and soon had to withdraw from it.Stocking socks were not practical and does not have the properties for which footcloth valued representatives of the Russian army.

Since footcloth become an integral part of military apparel and ridicule in the folktales, a source of inspiration for writers and poets.It is safe to say that well-known literary works taught many people how to wind the foot bindings that they have served for a long time.

modern practice of using footcloths

science of how to wind puttee, was mastered and the former Soviet Union.Our soldiers can be distinguished from the others by the presence of the military in his boots rectangular piece of fabric.

Until 2007, a necessary and important element of military equipment in Ukraine was just footcloth.The country refused to use the boot and sock portyanochnogo due to changes in military uniform standards established by NATO.

Russia in this case a little behind from its neighbors.Warm and comfortable foot bindings as "sat down to the soul" of the Russian army that until 2010 there was no question of introducing a new military clothing.But there is a plus - to serve in the army rear of the people have a story to tell about the peculiarities of clothing, how to properly wear and wound puttees.That experience and knowledge, not everyone can share!

In 2014, the army still held stage of modernization - to replace the foot bindings and boots came the usual socks and ankle boots.

As wind footcloths?

procedure wrapping cloth feet seemingly simple.You take puttee, shake your feet around - and everything is ready!But not so easy as it seems really.Violation in the sequence wraps legs can lead to unwinding of the foot wraps, as a consequence of this - the occurrence of skin problems.How to wind the foot bindings?The first thing to remember, that the wind should begin with the feet and out into two layers.Wear so footcloth will not get off when walking, rubbing his leg.The double thickness of the "sock" to protect feet from getting wet and severe frosts.

Keep in mind that before winding the fabric legs should be thoroughly washed with cold water, wipe dry, trim nails (not too short).

provide more information about how to wind the foot bindings.The instructions below will help novice "portyanochnom actually" deal with wrapping legs.

  1. Fabric stretches for a relatively flat surface, obliquely set foot near the right edge of the article.
  2. corner of winding foot, wrap it under the sole.
  3. long end of cloth wrapped around the foot moves on the rise, adjusting the folds formed.
  4. Wrap completely the lower leg, the remaining tissue to stretch the leg and wrapped with it.Done!

Footcloths: how to wind (methods for lazy and hardworking)

first method of winding the fabric is designed for lazy people, and is in compliance with the sequence of execution of such actions:

  • put detailed fabric on the tops of the bell;
  • presses toes and puts the foot with the product inside.

That's it!

As practice shows, the foot, wrapped in this way, do not rub when walking, and serves footcloth few hours.Not very efficient, but quickly wrapping footcloths method is popular in situations where you do not want to mess around with the fabric for a long time due to lack of time.

second way - for industrious and orderly throughout the individuals who care about how the wound puttees.Its methodology has been described above, in the "instructions for a beginner."

optimum size footcloths

Before wound puttees, should pay attention to the size of the tissue.The optimal parameters of rectangular footcloths - 35 and 90 cm. The smaller the product is not completely wraps the foot, often breaks down.

main advantages footcloths

man who wears portyanochny socks instead of the usual items, it will provide the following benefits:

  • durability.Footcloths rarely break, they are much longer than ordinary socks.
  • Not retains moisture, dries quickly.
  • Allows spread on foot shoes of any size, foot length discrepancy hides and footwear.
  • Ease of fabrication."Portyanochny sock" can be made from scrap materials in minutes.
  • Maintains healthy skin and feet.
  • Footcloths can reduce the sweating of the feet.
  • Protects feet from hypothermia, rubbing hard shoes.

Footcloths have its drawbacks, but, despite this, the adaptation of humanity to this uncomfortable shoes is the salvation for weary feet.Art winding footcloths must master each.And suddenly come in handy?Better to know and not to use the skills wrapping Footcloths than not to know and to be in a situation where it is needed.