Manicure with the sign of the zodiac

How mozhnosledovat recommendations when choosing a manicure with the image of a certain sign of the zodiac?

OWEN - child of the fire element.He loves adventure.A born fighter!His palette - red, yellow and all shades in the range between them.Manicure for Aries: a basis for taking ognenno red lacquer.Zodiacal sign painted orange.Having varnish slightly dry, exactly branched horns glued shiny golden stones, and fix with varnish.

TAURUS - a sign of the Earth.Zodiac horoscope offers him focus on the pink, green, pale and dark blue.Manicure for Taurus: as a basis - pink nail polish.Taurus - a stylized bull's head.Her represent is very simple: a circle and a semicircle.To hint at some mercenary representatives of this sign, you can complicate the design of the metal platelets.The composition is fixed with varnish.

TWINS - an air sign, and the freedom they need the air.The color palette is Gemini: silver, white, light blue, orange, all shades of yellow.Manicure for twins as a background varnish perfect silver.Gemini applied symbol blue pearlescent paint and decorate stones for nail art.Top - clearcoat.

CANCERS - creative personality, lovers of travel and generally lead an active life.Manicure for Cancer: gentle pink nails coated with varnish.Without giving him until the end to dry, with small "brilliantikom" reproduce the sign character.When the image is ready, cover it with a thick layer of clear varnish to fix and work and brilliantikom.

LIONS .Those born under the sign of fire, and under the auspices of the sun, proud and generous, Leos can not stand anything small.Manicure for Leo: Leos love as the sun in the background is used, of course, orange lacquer (alternative - red).Then proceed to picunku.To complete the image using the "golden" stones and metal "pearls."Then fix the composition of a thick layer of clear varnish.Instead, you can use just a clear transparent gold.

VIRGIN - born realists.Manicure for Virgo: Virgo as - a sign of the Earth, the basis for taking dark brown nail polish or other dark tone.With the help of a thin brush, paint the zodiac symbol.You can put this symbol also stones for nail art, which is fixed in the still wet varnish.After the composition is fully ready, it is fixed with a thick layer of clear varnish.

SCALES .Representatives of this sign is credited with a great imagination, extraordinary diplomatic flexibility and ability to find a compromise in difficult situations.Manicure for Libra: first nails lacquered beige cover and wait until it dries.Then paste silver or gold self-adhesive paper - with its help it will be easier to reproduce the zodiac symbol and covered with transparent varnish that was able to do.

SCORPIO .Will and power all jealous Scorpio.Manicure for Scorpio: Water as a true sign of Scorpio is obliged to base the dark blue paint.If this color seems too flashy, he prefer more quiet.The main thing that he was out of the blue palette.After applying the lacquer background (not waiting until it dries) to the nails put small white "pearls" brilliant pebbles or nail art.If Scorpion has the impression that the accents of brilliant enough, it can add pearls - after the varnish dries.In conclusion, all fixed with varnish

SAGITTARIUS - sign of Fire.He loves to travel, change and interesting acquaintances.Manicure for Sagittarius: as a background varnish perfectly suited dark blue, violet and purple tones.It is believed that this is your favorite color Streltsov.When the foundation is dry, the nails are applied on Sagittarius symbol, building it with the self-adhesive ribbons for nail art.The tip of the arrow painted with silver paint or supplement a silver ribbon.The main thing - do not forget that when working with self-adhesive ribbons foundation must be completely dry.And secure all with varnish.

Capricorn - being patient and persistent, insistent, persistent, diligent and ambitious.Capricorn zodiac horoscope prescribes restrained colors and significant at the same time: all shades of brown, dark green, dark gray, black and purple.Manicure for Capricorn: nails coated with red lacquer and let it dry.In order to emphasize the element of earth Capricorn, the sign painted on the nail of the Earth with white, black and purple paints.Once the drawing is dry, his fixed-pearl lacquer fixative.

AQUARIUS - a sign of the air element: relaxed and addictive.It has a highly developed intuition.Its colors - light blue, intense blue, gray, celadon.Several dramatic geometric design symbolizes the exciting lifestyle that prefer the representatives of this sign.Manicure for Aquarius: as a basis for using a blue or light gray lacquer.Figure inflict dark blue, white and black lacquer.Record the image with varnish.

FISH - romance.Fish pearl and pastel colors, the colors watery: aqua, ultramarine blue.Manicure for fish: a schematic drawing of a pretty Pisces represents two related elements of water.As a background to the pearlescent nail varnish applied with a bluish tinge frosty.Ultramarine paint, fix with varnish.

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