About profanity

30 interesting facts about the mat and curses.

1) Psychologists believe that the mat - this is a good way to restore energy balance and stress relief.But despite the effectiveness of the mat, it is punishable by law!

2) The Russian legislation contains an article prohibiting publicly expressed mat.The penalty for an administrative violation of about 500 rubles.

3) Russian first mate was mentioned in the 12th century birch bark, which was recently discovered by archaeologists.The truth is that it was written on birch bark, archaeologists have refused to clarify.

4) Swearing helped invent the phone!It curses his assistant heard the telephone Alexander Graham Bell, after assistant to wrong connected some wires.Therefore swearing was the first words spoken on the phone.

5) According to the statistics, the majority of Russians - 64% - believe that use profanity in speech is unacceptable under any circumstances.One third of Russians (32%) still believe that the use in question is permissible sometimes mat.

6) If 250 years ago you called Woman "infection", she would not be offended, and to thank you for the compliment.In those days, the phrase 'What you are infected! "Meant" What you are lovely, very charm! ยป

7) Former US President George W. Bush likes strong language.Moreover, it slips into the president's speech not only in moments of anger, and even more often in a relaxed state.However, George W. Bush never swears at new acquaintances in the "Oval Office" and in the presence of his wife Laura.

8) The most unfortunate matershinnikom many in Russia believe Philip Kirkorov.After the famous press conference where Philippe publicly insulted heroine in a pink blouse, his songs protesting expelled from their air about 700 radio and television stations across the country.

9) Despite the fact that tennis is called "sport of gentlemen," there all swearing.At Wimbledon had even set up an unofficial headquarters for the fight against abuse.Perpetrators pay heavy fines.

10) In one of the schools of the Sverdlovsk region, Russian teacher taught half year high school students the finer points of using foul language.There was a scandal.

11) of the number of swear words and expressions of the Russian language, were only in third place in the world.Palm holds the English language, and in second place is in Dutch.

12) In ancient times, the MAT was considered holy words.Russian men used them during ceremonies and rituals for the "Call of labor force."Eat those words could be just 16 days a year, and then they were strictly forbidden.

13) In Melbourne, there is a special service of psychological relaxation, where the couple treated during the scandal.Instead of being angry beat the dishes, husband or wife are gaining room - and out of the flow tube is heard terrible battle, it immediately brings to life brawlers.

14) In Belgorod, the local authorities decided to introduce penalties for using foul language in public places.The fine - 1.5 thousand. Rubles.For several months the city's budget added "due to the mat" 510 thousand rubles.

15) One of the oldest rules of etiquette appeared thanks abuse.English King George V once angrily banged his fist on the dinner table, and then burst into a strong abuse.When he calmed down, then he issued a decree by which the plug must lie on a table teeth down.

16) According to the statistics, 17% of Russians are fighting with the help of the mat with stress and emotions splashes, 5% use the mat to find mutual understanding and the brightness of his speech.Finally, 1% of Russians believe that the matter can be "daily", "in all situations."

17) The word "nerd" in Latin means - Christian.

18) Taoist monks, according to the rules of Buddhist monasteries, taught, among other things, using batons and abuse.As history has shown, the method was very effective.

19) The famous showman Roman Trachtenberg one of the first on the stage began to use profanity.In addition, he devoted his thesis Russian swear words and obscene considered himself a philosopher.

20) Psychologists explain the origin of the mat is simple - people do not have enough words to express emotions.Vivid proof - mat in the works of rock bands.The musicians believe that the mat helps to cope with stress.

21) A person uses profanity on average 230,000 times in a lifetime.

22) The paradox!According to statistics, 29% of Russians never use profanity in speech (in the words of these same respondents).At the same time, 70% of respondents most familiar use in a speech mat.

23) A large Russian mobile operator survey of its subscribers and issued a so-called "Mobile Etiquette".One of the rules of etiquette recommends "not to be used as a phone call audio phrases offensive to others."

24) 120 years ago by the US Court addressed the question: Is it permissible to private telephone conversation coarse speech and language.Of course, the curse, the ban on the grounds that the phone lines are served by women deserve.

25) In the US, invented a special device that detects profanity in television programs and films.In the case of the mat device can immediately turn off the sound so as not to injure the psyche of the viewer.

25) The word "animal" comes from the German word "Scat".It meant "money", "wealth", "treasure".

26) According to official statistics, the German motorists often pay fines not for violation of traffic rules, and for the bickering and swearing against the police.

27) established that the complete loss of memory (amnesia when), the last thing people are still able to remember - a swearing in their native language.It thereon physicians may, for example, to determine the patient's nationality.

28) Once the scientists set up an experiment.They cursed the water selective mat, and then poured it the seeds of wheat.As a result of those grains that have been watered with water from the mat, went up only 48%, and the seeds sprouted poured holy water on 93%.

29), Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, on his own admission, uses the mat to link the various parts of the proposal.But this did not prevent him to cancel the concert of "Leningrad", which was held at the Moscow stadium.Reason for cancellation - obscenities in the songs of the "Leningrad".

30) According to the majority of Russians, fight mate, basically useless.It does not help either fines or agitation.Home - education and internal culture, as many people believe.

Articles Source: doronchenko.ru