Checking the balance of the Beeline - quick and easy!

mobile phone - it's such an accessory, without which it is not possible a full life.You can forget the house documents, money and well find a way out of this situation.But forgetting the phone, people feel helpless in the full sense of the word.We used to stay in touch, it is so convenient to talk on a cell phone with family and friends, to solve business problems, supervise children.

Unfortunately, it often turns out that the available funds in the account is insufficient to carry out or making a call.

This situation tends always found us by surprise, and people immediately start to panic, remember how the balance check Beeline.

Let's discuss this in more detail on and around will understand in order to avoid awkward moments.

the fastest and easiest way to check their money is set on the mobile phone the following combination: "star", one hundred and two, "grill".Pressing the call button then you will get the necessary information.If due to some reason you could not do this, and instead of numbers available only incomprehensible set of characters, try typing "grill", one hundred and two, "grill", and press the call button.As you can see, check the balance of Beeline - a simple procedure that takes only a few seconds.

Many people are not attracted to the implementation of the above operations, and they prefer to live communication.In this case, check the balance of Beeline will be available as follows: recruit on the phone a combination of zero, six, nine, seven, putting a phone to your ear and enjoy the voice mailbox.A female voice will tell you about all the available tools that are available on the main and sub accounts.

If you have additional bills Beeline, balance check is carried out in the following manner: "grill", one hundred and six, "grill", and again press the button call.

In addition, there is a way to check and paid the balance.So be careful when dialing such numbers as +79098700696 or 79033888696.Checking the balance of Beeline will be successfully carried out, but for your money.The advantage of this service is that it can be used to find out the state of balance in the account of any of your rights.Such situations are not uncommon now, so let's all a bit more.

So, to start implementing a pay phone to call one of the above numbers on your phone.Triggered an answering machine will advise you to enter the number of your subscriber and press the "grid".Be very careful when listening to and implementing all going after this instruction.If you did everything correctly, the result of your efforts will be information about the status of the account.If you enter numbers was a mistake or a typo, the surcharge will have to repeat the call.

Now you know all the answers to the question: "How do you know your balance?"Beeline always ready to provide this information.Try to control your money on your mobile phone to avoid undesirable situations that arise at the most inopportune time.The main thing is be careful and accurate!