As part with the guy: a few tips

People meet, people fall in love ... That's what the song says.But sometimes it does not come to the marriage, and the man must somehow leave.How to do it correctly?


Before you leave the guy is a good thought, and whether it is generally done?After all, maybe not as bad as it seems at first glance, and the situation can still be corrected.It is necessary to carefully weigh the reasons that led to such thoughts here.But sometimes it just does not need to save the relationship.What exactly causes can be decisive in wanting the girls to throw the guy?

  1. lack of common interests.In this situation, the pair have nothing to do with, they can not spend their leisure time usefully and not permanently remain interested in each other.
  2. Improper ratio of boy to girl, unwillingness to continue the relationship.
  3. constant jealousy, infidelity men - here's another reason to part with the guy.
  4. Loss of feeling can also cause separation.If the man is not of the past relationship - it is not necessary to squeeze the love of thumb, it is best just to leave.

separation method

Wanting to figure out how to leave the guy, it is worth understanding that this can be several ways.So, all the better to just say to the man in the eye, in a personal conversation, without hiding or uvilivaya responsibility.You can also break up with your favorite phone, using letters or messages on social networks.But to do so, especially after the pair tied a long close relationship - just not good, because it means that this person was never close and important.What to write the guy to leave, if you have selected is a way to break this relationship?We can say that it's all over for this reason, we propose to remain friends (this phrase is all very hates).It is important to do everything so as not to offend his former and not to cause him anger and negative emotions.


Not knowing how to part with the right guy, you can try to bring it to the fact that he himself provoked the break.What you can do?A huge number of options.You can start a call to the young man a hundred times a day, actively climb into his relationships with friends, you can even start talking about the wedding - this most men flee in the coming time.You can start doing all the things that do not like the guy, dye her hair a different color, change the style of clothing, start listening to music it objectionable.And you can do even trickier: to acquaint with his beautiful and intelligent girlfriend who exactly will interest any member of the male sex.Maybe they will start the relationship, then everything is come to naught.Otherwise, you can make a young man jealous scene and leave, slamming the door.

break or distance

As part with the guy?Here are a few more options.You can simply take a break in a relationship or a long time to go somewhere.And at this time just disappear from the radar of all: do not call, do not write and does not appear in social networks.As time passes, the young man simply forget about his girlfriend, he found a new passion.Then you do not have to arrange a long and tearful farewell.