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Some numerologists believe that the search for the missing items can help certain numerical manipulation.Of course, most will be set in relation to the skeptical, but if you have tried everything, but a thing has never been found, why not try to apply a numerical method?Perhaps there is still missing?

man who had lost one or another thing to say consistently asked 9 numbers / figures.The numbers should be called spontaneous.These nine numbers add up and then it is added to 3. The sum is the answer to the question.

Example Nine randomly called numbers: 967487942 = 56 + 3 = 59. The values ​​of the various numbers, including 59 numbers are given below.

1. Item can be in the living room around the curtains, it can detect a child.
2. Subject around cookware.
3. Among the books, the newspapers in the hallway.
4. The subject is not lost, but merely shifted elsewhere.
5. Look in the locker room, among clothes on hangers.
6. Around the shoe shelves.
7. He shifted during cleaning clothes.
8. At the top of a sideboard or shelf.Call Assistant

9. The clothes children.
10. In the office.
11. Some water, but not in the house.Remember the picnic, which you recently visited.
12. Subject to security.Look for it in the workplace.
13. Look in the locker room or on the rack.
14. Perhaps you will not find it;However, look in the hallway.
15. Somewhere close to the animals (cows, dogs, cats ...).
16. Ask the wife.
17. Close to important papers on a shelf.
18. The house, including clothes.
19. On the path in front of the house.
20. Subject to shift to another place.Look near the water or on the carpet.
21. He was in the trunk, suitcase or box.
22. At a certain elevation in the building, perhaps on a shelf.
23. In the closet, or among the washed laundry.
24. Subject to security and it will soon be found.
25. Look for it among her things
26. The subject may be safe.Ask older family members.
27. Carefully look in the garage.
28. Forget about it.He lost forever.
29. His someone gave.His return to you.
30. Children have lost it during the game.Ask them.
31. Do not worry.It is next to the bathroom.
32. It is in the hallway or in a box.
33. He is among your clothes.
34. It is next to a stove or fireplace.
35. It is next to the wash basin.
36. Do you find it.
37. He lies on the floor in your room.
38. It is next to the tool.
39. It is on the shelf.
40. Incidentally it was wrapped in your clothes.
41. Some shoes.
42. Next to water.
43. Look next to the garage.
44. near the gas tank.
45. He was on a sideboard or shelf.
46. Ask your partner.
47. One of the friends stole.
48. Some drinking water.
49. You will not return it.
50. He is in a box, suitcase or trunk.
51. Around bathroom.
52. Ask the hostess or her family, it changed hands.
53. The man had taken possession of the object, it will return.
54. Look at the site of children's games.
55. Around the water source.
56. It is there where you last stopped.
57. He is somewhere among your personal items.
58. It is very difficult to get it back.It is owned by two people.
59. He was in agony.
60. You can forget about it.He lost forever.
61. Around the walls.
62. It is very difficult to trace.
63. In the pantry.
64. He is not lost, look in dark corners.
65. The chances are very small return.
66. He was stolen by two friends.Ask the person suffering from the disease a little.However, the probability of the return is very low.
67. The subject will help you to find the boy, who lives in the family.
68. Ask someone to take it off from the roof of the house.
69. It can be in front of the house of your relative, or in a place that you recently visited.
70. It is near the water.
71. Look on the floor at his feet.
72. Close to the water tank.
73. You should declare the constant theft to the police.
74. It finds a diligent one.
75. It took the young boys, who returned it to you in damaged condition.
76. It is near the food.
77. It finds man a guest in your home.
78. It is very difficult to find
79. Look next to the linen closet for stroked.
80. He is in a box, chest or box
81. Will find it in their clothes.
82. You will find him in the kitchen.
83. The little girl pulled him out of the tank or vessel with water.
84. He is in a box or in a box.

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