Sergei Korolev (academician) Short biography

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Sergei Korolev - academician, whose name is known, as a rule, all educated people of the planet.What is the reason for this popularity?What is able to create it, of course, talented man that retold stories about him for the past few decades?

Like all Soviet scientists, he made a significant contribution to the development of world science.But that's not all.He was the first.The first, who still managed to conquer outer space.Of course, after he had talent and will, dedicated and dedicate their works exploration of the galaxy.But Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was considered a pioneer.

This man really can talk endlessly, each time marveling at his talent, perseverance and determination.

Part 1. Childhood and adolescence

Sergei Korolyov, whose biography is saturated enough, was born in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr January 12, 1907.His parents separated early, the boy did not remember his own father, as the mother was brought up in a family in the beautiful ancient city.It was there in 1911, Sergei saw Utochkina pilot flying in an airplane.To say that this event is just impressed him - it's nothing to say.The teenager came to the indescribable delight.

In 1917, Korolev and his mother moved to Odessa to the stepfather.In South Palmyra was then a detachment of hydroplanes.And pure chance brought a teenage mechanic V. Dolganova, who later began to teach him all the details.The boy spent the whole summer with a team, helped prepare the aircraft for flight, and in a very short time could become an indispensable and reliable assistant local mechanics and pilots.

Sergei Korolyov could not immediately obtain a certificate of secondary education, as a result, he graduated from the two-year construction school, where he studied very diligently.Throughout his studies Korolev continued to participate in gidroaviatsionnogo squad.And for a guy firmly entrenched glory brilliant mechanic.

Korolev Sergei Pavlovich was a member of the Company's aircraft of Ukraine, lectured on gliding, participated in the construction of the airframe design of the famous aviator KA Artseulova.After he entered the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, where he was considered one of the best-educated students of fur.faculty.

In 1926, after two years of training in Kiev, talented young man was transferred to Moscow with a degree in Aeromechanics (Bauman).In March 1927 he graduated from Queens glider school with honors.

Section 2. Arrest and work for the KGB

In his autobiography, the chief designer recalls that arrested him very suddenly (it happened 27 June 1938) on charges of sabotage.Like many famous people of that time, he was tortured.There are data and that it broke both jaws.

September 25, 1938 a scientist involved in the special list of persons whose cases were examined by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR.In the list he was listed in the first (firing) category.But the Court of September 27, 1938 sentenced him to 10 years in a labor camp.A few years later the sentence was reduced and he was released in 1944.During this time Sergei was "Butyrka" in Moscow, Novocherkassk prison and Kolyma, where he "shared" on a gold mine.

In Moscow, the chief designer of the future is back March 2, 1940, where after only 4 months was convicted a second time.The NKVD prison CDB-29, he participated in the construction of Pe-2 bombers and Tu-2.Such talents have caused the transfer to another CB Queen at an aircraft factory number 16 in Kazan.In 1943 he was appointed to a position of responsibility in the production of rocket launchers.In July 1944, scientists released early under the personal direction of Stalin.

Section 3. Sergei Korolev - the academician.Proceedings

Developments in the field of space exploration merit special attention.So, this talented Soviet specialist involved in the following projects aimed at:

  • development of ballistic missiles.In 1956, under his guidance it has created a two-stage ballistic missile R-7, its modification was armed with Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces.In 1957 he created the first rocket running on the basis of the stability of the components of fuel.
  • creation of the first artificial satellite of our planet.SP Korolev developed it on the basis of the combat missile with three- and four-stage carrier.As a result, 4 October 1957 the earth satellite was launched.
  • Construction of various satellites and launch vehicles to the moon.Among other things, he managed to develop a geophysical satellite, twin satellites "Elektron" and automatic stations to the Moon.
  • assembly manned spacecraft "Vostok-1", which made it possible for the world's first flight of a man - Yuri Gagarin - in low Earth orbit.During this second Queen awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

Section 4. Love and space scientist

First Kiss Queen with his dream girl, oddly enough, there was a roof.He lived in Odessa and fell in love with Xenia Vincentini long sought her favor, and just before leaving for Kiev Polytechnic Institute made her an offer.Xenia said he would wait until Sergey finished his studies.It turned out that she was in Kharkiv on the doctor, and he in Kiev, and then in Moscow.Korolev was constantly trying to reach an agreement on Xenia marriage, she resisted a few more years, but eventually did become his wife, and Sergei took a favorite in Moscow.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Korolev quickly loses interest in his wife and other women interested in.As a result, like the adventures of her husband brought the woman to a nervous breakdown, and she decides to leave him.Their daughter, Natasha learned about "father's infidelity" in 12 years, as a result of the rift between father and daughter remained for the rest of his life.

turns out that the famous academician Korolyov was never able to become a loving and caring husband and father.

Section 5. exhausting inner loneliness

second wife - Nina - it was not easy with his adventures.Sergei Pavlovich continued to disappear in unlimited trips, tortured by loneliness.

He often refers to his wife for advice, write letters to her, talks about his difficulties and experiences eternal soul and the problems in employment.But soon it starts to bother him eternal torment and recognition, it ceases to respond to them, and it feels even more lonely.

Section 6. The history of the disease and death

all happened too sudden.There was a man, he worked for the good of the motherland, they praised his country, when he was gone.There was no ceremonial speeches nor magnificent funeral, or even articles on "Died Sergei Korolev - Academician of world renown."

Citizens of the USSR have learned about the incident from the press.January 16, 1966 in the newspaper "Pravda" published a medical report on the cause of death of the Queen.It turned out that he was sick for a long time, and plagued him several serious diseases: Kaposi's rectum, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, sclerosis of cerebral arteries and emphysema.Just the day Sergei Pavlovich performed surgery to remove the tumor, but he died because of heart failure right on the operating table, without regaining consciousness.