New Year's Eve as an excuse to lose weight!

New Year holidays for the majority of Russians are associated with family gatherings, delicious food, and significant weight gain.It's time to break stereotypes and use the New Year's vanity and vacations in order to lose weight.How to transform the traditional period for the accumulation of fat reserves in the opposite - the active weight loss?

beautiful body, which can be proud to bare on the beach and emphasize fitting clothes - the result of painstaking, arduous labor.There are no miracles and magic pills, which in no time will allow you to become slim figure and gain their dreams.However, little tricks can speed up the way to the cherished waist and help to consolidate the results!

Council 1. Boycott fast food

Before the New Year we have to do a huge amount of purchases: clothing, accessories, gifts, colleagues and relatives, Christmas decorations for the home, food and more.Spending all this time, still it has, so it should be done wisely.Plan on 1-2 days shopping and prepare for them in advance.Make a detailed shopping list, choose a large shopping center, prepare a very comfortable clothing and shoes.Beautiful studs will not bring pleasure in the long march with heavy bags, and leg and back is very bad.The main rule - no burgers and fries!If you can not visit the cafe with the right kitchen, excellent dinner can become yogurt, bread, fruit.

In one day, you can "burn" up to 1,000 calories.

Tip 2. General cleaning.Getting rid of dust, lose kilos

New Year's Eve - a great excuse to clean house and get rid of everything unnecessary, including excess fat.Cleaning - an ideal alternative to a cardio workout in the gym.Dusting vigorously to gain muscle strain.

5-6 hours of intense general cleaning can spend up to 500 calories.

Tip 3. Unusual load - the success

Consider in advance how to spend the New Year holidays.If there is no desire to get a "heritage" in the form of extra kilos, it is best to plan leisure.Choose according to the principle: "The new year should begin with new movements."Skiing?Perfectly.Begin to learn snowboarding!I do not know how to skate?Excellent.Learn timetable for the rollers!The list can be endless.And if you decide to surprise your friends and potreniruetes in advance, before the New Year can be quickly throw a couple of kilos.

day intensive unusual load - up to 2,000 calories.

Council 4. New Year's table in the style of Hawaii

why every year we prepare almost the same dish?Maybe it's time to get rid of stereotypes and basins mayonnaise salads?Arrange with your friends party in Hawaiian style: dress up in a small beach dresses, and put on the table colored cocktails with umbrellas and fruit.First, the party in sarongs - a great incentive to keep yourself in their hands and not have too much in front of the main night of the year.And secondly, there is the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen to cook a lot of new and unusual dishes to surprise your guests.Perhaps it will not allow to lose weight, but will guarantee that, and weight gain did not happen.

And if you're lucky and do everything right, you can lose up to 500 calories.

Council 5. New Year's Eve - Time Dating

On New Year's party and a whole series of corporate need to choose a place at the table next to strangers.Communication - the main guarantee that in the New Year your mouth is busy forging communication and not eating.Never offered an invitation to dance, because it does not only raise the mood, but also helps to reduce the time spent at the table and, accordingly, the amount of food eaten.The same advice applies to the competitions.The figure is worth it to spend the calories on the activities and not gain extra weight.

For New Year's Eve can be spent in the same 500 calories.

Thus, following these tips a few days before the main night of the year, New Year's Eve and after it, you have the ability to burn a total of 4,500 calories.This is equivalent to a daily intensive training in the gym.So, say "Yes" alternative New Year and Alternative fitness!

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