How to change the password on your computer?

If you do not know the password - a word of French origin, which translates literally as "confidential (secret) word."In computer practice is the key that provides access to the profile, the desktop, and so on, which is a set of characters that identify a specific user.

Any password initially thought up by the user or system administrator.But sooner or later every user asks: "How do you know or how to change the password on your computer?"This occurs, for example, in cases where access to personal data for some reason lost.In this situation, it becomes necessary to break the password on the machine.

Where are the passwords?

If we do not take into account the fact that there is a program to view the passwords on the computer, I would like to clarify that all passwords are stored in a special database, which is known to most of you as a registry of the operating system "Vindovs."When you turn on your computer, the Operating comparisons introduced a set of characters with the available data in the registry.In case of discrepancy the system will ask to re-enter until until you enter the correct password or blocked account, which are trying to access.

System administrator can configure the system so that when a certain number of erroneous key input account will be blocked.Of course, until the system is running, viewing password on the computer will not be possible.This is done to ensure that your personal data are protected and have not been obtained by unauthorized persons.

Some ways to change the password

How to change the password on your computer?Once the user is logged in and the system is started, it can be done in several ways.Let us consider them in order.In the first case you need to boot into safe mode and do the following.Open the Control Panel, find where the user accounts and click "Change."When you see the active window, choose the desired entry in which to change the settings.It should be noted here that if necessary can not only change, but also to remove the password.

proceed to the next method, which will answer the question: "How do I change the password on your computer?"Press the key combination known to all "Kontral" + "Alt" + "Del" with the reset button.This should be done before you are prompted for a password.After performing these steps, the key will be reset, and the system reboots without him.

Next to install your new password, go back to the first method described above, and do all these steps.Confirm new key with all settings.The next time you start the computer input will be using the new password.Pay special attention when installing on your keyboard layout, and the activity of the keys "Caps Lock".


Now you know how to change the password on your computer.To the question did not arise, remember the key that you set to enter, and even better if you write it somewhere on paper, access to which will be only you.