What types of databases are popular

Due to the constant development of technology, the world is now time to introduce the work of large organizations without databases very difficult.Most likely, not all know that there are very different kinds of databases.And they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the hierarchical database

They were first used on computers is already very long time.Ironically, despite the "antiquity" of these bases, they are still popular in some companies.They represent a pyramid.All records and fields associated with each other are grouped together.In this pyramid can be used as a record of higher and lower levels.Each entry observes a sort of chain of command, control and execution of which database management system.This construction, which has a hierarchical database, looks not so difficult, you just have to draw an analogy with the family tree.The advantage of it is that it is very easy to upgrade.Furthermore, the employee can access the hierarchical database simply.The downside is the fact that install more than one connection between the "descendant" and "parent" is almost impossible.

Advantages network database

Network database types are very similar to the above.The main difference is the structure that has the form of a kind of web.Furthermore, unlike the hierarchical database, the records can be linked to more than one "parent" or owner.Just as in the above-described variety of network databases are used mainly on the host computer, called servers.Network database are more flexible.But it is necessary to know that the number of links they have limitations.

popularity of relational databases Relational

kinds of databases are the most flexible of all of the bases.All data is stored in tables, each of which has a key field.With such a key, the identification of a particular record is simplified.In addition, it is absolutely unique for the whole table.The tables are linked together on a particular key.For example, one has a key field "Product code" and "code Seller", and the other - the field keys "code Seller" and "Production Code".Between themselves, they will be connected by means of the field "code seller."Such bases have gained popularity due to its simplicity and ease when overriding records.The disadvantage is a more time-consuming search for the information you need.

promising future with object-oriented databases

Object-oriented database types allow the user to add new types of information fields, as well as the addition of audio, video and image files in the table structure.Compared to the previous databases, object-oriented databases have many advantages.Furthermore, handling is much simpler than in the above cases.Objects that contains this kind of database, constructed of two elements of the data and of the instructions, which help to determine the type of data.Among the shortcomings can be identified high cost and the reluctance of many companies to acquire such a database instead of the old, it has long been proven.

But the development of databases with the possibility of adding multimedia objects is becoming increasingly popular.Therefore, there is a confidence that in the near future, most organizations still move to object-oriented databases.