How to make yourself go to the gym?

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Lovely girl, who among us can argue about the importance of healthy body and, as a consequence, a healthy spirit in him?Who among us, alive in response to recommendations of the glossy, did not give himself the vows tomorrow, Monday, New Year and so on to start a new, proper and healthy life?Many have bought the rope, halahupy and bikes, but they have not become your morning helpers in the struggle for physical beauty.

Here are some tips to help you force yourself to go to the gym.

1. Do not think!Not Marshall florid dialogue one of those "I'm talking with you" on the topics: Where to find the time for it?Where to find the money?And suddenly there will be all over me laugh?Etc.The only thing we must consider is what kind of exercise you like or for health reasons.

2. Do not look for a company.By the way, another common question, and with whom to go?Yes anyone.It's not emotional talk over a cup of coffee, but a real program for the improvement of a favorite.And there is no blame on sports unconsciousness girlfriend.

And now remained one small thing - to make the first step on the way to his slim figure and healthy spirit.And there are few direct guidelines.

1. Tomorrow morning, but better tonight, put a T-shirt, trousers and krossovochki his working bag.Again, do not think what they are in your bag.

2. Very fast, straight from work, turn it into the lane, take it on the bus that leads to the most long-awaited gym.And do not think why you did it.

3. Yes, you still do not understand where you are and what you're doing.But you're exercising!

4. This is the most important point.Thank yourself for the perfect.Even if you are scared themselves.Name your first training his small victory.And reward yourself with a glass of Frechet!

5. And finally, absolutely conscious, go for tomorrow's workout.In no case, do not delay the day after tomorrow.In the future, work out your desired training schedule.

said that the twenty-first time, every action becomes a habit.You will not notice, like a habit good spirits, cheerful mood and ability to keep up with all the time!Be healthy!

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