How to become the most beautiful woman?

Many girls dream to go to the podium and conquer their beauty the beauty of the jury.How is this achieved?Today the answer to this question "Beauty of Russia 2012" Natalia Pereverzev.

Natalia, tell us about your family.How were you brought up the parents?

I was born in the most ordinary Russian family.He was adored only child.Family values, education, education of my life were very traditional.I always wanted to break free and make a riot.

Why did you choose to study on the economic profile?

Quest calling delayed ... At first she studied at the Medical Center, then in the Academy of Finance.I think that whatever I became involved in the future, good economics is always handy.Now I am 23, studying in graduate school, I try yourself in the perfume business.Fate itself tells a person what road to choose.

where to start your modeling career, and how it is developing?

Since my childhood I dreamed of the podium.In 17 years, I came to the casting in a modeling agency, how it started: photo shoots, shows, fashion week.After working abroad, he returned to Moscow.A lot of work and now I can afford to choose.The world of fashion and film are related very closely, so I want to try myself in a cinema.

How are you set up during the contest "Miss Moscow" and "Beauty of Russia"?What do you think, why the victory went to you?

adjusts only to win, but how else ?!Of course, beauty pageants appearance is important, but it must be combined with the character and will to win.I went to his goal, to give 100%.When I heard his name, I could not help crying on stage.It was hard work, envy, rivalry, I think beauty pageants taught me a lot.

your interests?

engaged in vocal and scenic speech.I have great ambitions, I plan to shoot their first music video.

work for you - it's self-expression or earning?

'm always in work seriously, this is my salary.

What inspires you, supports you?

Big Love, which gives me strength and inspiration.Without it, I can not imagine life!

Who is the shining example for you?

Princess Diana - the image of majestic beauty.

What's most important for you in life?

family, my family and relatives.Simple truth: live and appreciate the moment, rejoice simple things - for me, this is happiness.

If it turned out that will have to choose between career and family - what would you choose?

for me to combine a career with family life is the only way to preserve the harmony of the physical and mental.I have a hot temper, I'm always on the move and can not sit idle.