"Advego": reviews on the work of the stock exchange

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Many people who want to start making money on writing articles, choose Exchange "Advego."Reviews about this "job" are varied.In this article, your attention is invited to a small survey.

"Advego": reviews on the work

Like any Exchange copywriting, the "Advego" have their strengths.Firstly, the market is suitable for beginners.Nobody looks at your portfolio (or lack thereof), asks examples of works (in most cases), does not require experience.This exchange has a lot of orders.To get a job, you only need to click on.

there as the orders for writing articles, advertising and small jobs.For example, often require the posting, promotion in social networks and writing reviews.However, most of the orders in the film make it smaller jobs, the cost of which is usually small.

If we talk about pricing, they can not be called high.The average cost of writing articles - $ 0.5 per 1 000 characters.Dear orders exhibited infrequently and generally available only to white lists.

"Advego": reviews of convenience

often place bulk orders, iea webmaster or a daily frequency in the band exhibits a certain task.The number of entries is limited.For example, it may be determined that one person can take in order to work only once or to apply it once a week, but generally do not perform more than five jobs.In short, there may be variations.

Another disadvantage - to take the work of some of the tasks can be only on certain days or even hours.Therefore, "tasty" orders sometimes have to watch.Many of the works on this exchange resembles a lottery: who first had to apply for, and receive the order.It happens that there is good order.Conscientious author carefully reading job searches online, make sure that it will have the information on which we can rely, and only then applies.But the order had already taken charge less, but more rapid writer.

worth noting that the market barely socialized.There is no possibility of direct communication with the customer.Of course, you can use the comments to the order, but it greatly complicates the work.Also, the lack of "live" communication reduces the probability of finding regular customers.And for many copywriters is continuous cooperation is an impressive portion of the proceeds.Besides searching for new orders it takes a lot of time.

"Advego": reviews of functional

The site has a number of useful services, includingfor check.One of the online program finds spelling errors in the article.This is very useful if the author, for example, can not use the "Word."In this case, check the text Advego helps you quickly find errors.You can also analyze the semantic core - count the number of keywords to estimate the "conductivity" and "sick" of the text.There is antiplagiatnaya check Advego.But judging by the reviews, evidence of the program is not too significant.If repeatedly check the same text can be obtained strong differences in the results.