Tips freshman: Playing by the rules

So, the school was left behind.You are now at a new stage of development, a new era in your life - university studies.You immediately realize that the university requirements, you will be very different from school.You will be hard - but interesting too.University - is the ability to deal only with enthusiasm favorite subjects.There are universities in certain rules of the game.What advice freshman are most useful?

How to learn all

University education rather insidiously - the time from when you are given knowledge, to the point where your knowledge check long enough.Therefore, without using techniques of repetition it will be very difficult to remember the material.This is especially true for school honors that can experience a lot of stress from the inability to remember everything.In fact, the possibility exists, but it is really only for those who are preparing every day and regularly repeat material.

work with the material

Good tips freshmen sure to include some time management techniques.Be sure to train yourself to deal with procrastination or postponement.If you find it difficult to force myself to read the enormous amount of material, divide it into parts and schedule the reading.Psychologically, it is much easier than to think that you need to read 200 pages, for example.Such volumes for the university norm, so it is good to master the technique of viewing reading.I'm not talking about speed reading, speed reading because it does not work well to absorb the material.But look right should learn.

Live brightly

quality advice freshman often gives people working in the social and psychological service.Often at universities trainings oratory, leadership, self-confidence.They are often free of charge.Be sure to sign up and "try training the taste."You come to the university, not only to study and hang out.Another very important extracurricular activities.There is a charity, music clubs, sports clubs, competitions and KVN.Students stage of life often is remembered not as a series of tests and examinations, the best memories - it's funny performances, winning the contests and competitions, inter-university competition on the subjects.

does not turn into a zombie

Tips freshman also include pretty boring reminder.Despite the decrease in control, do not miss classes and lectures.And be sure to communicate with the teacher lectures.This will add to your score on the exam.Often questions during lectures, even if not very intelligent, isolated you from the hundreds.And you can get an exam to score more than really deserve, just because not kept silent.Interestingly, participation in the lectures will add you points and respect from classmates.Yes, and the lecturers are very fond of active students, even if they do not agree with the teacher.Nobody likes to lecture hundreds of zombies who only do what they are looking at the clock.

Tips freshman simple: learn to work with bulk materials, do not delay the work, participate in university life and cast the votes at the lectures.