Christmas gifts for the boss.

Head - as a child, and in the New Year should not remain without a gift.
And if the child is deprived toy offended by Santa Claus, the boss - you.

easiest (and morally and financially) to present the chief of a collective gift from employees of the company or department.
important in this case, do not forget to attach to a gift card with congratulations and all the signatures.

Head can be present, for example, a German doll of Santa Claus (probably like a child, and his wife).

or donate an expensive fountain pen in a case (for example, Waterman).

head of the department can give a ballpoint pen Parker.

If your boss - a woman, she probably will like ping-crystal souvenir company Zwarowski.Miniature iridescent trifle will please her every day.

Speaking of drinks.Giving expensive cognac - not the best option.The fact that the bottle etiquette must be immediately opened and its contents to entertain all present, including the donor.
The question is: who gave this collection cognac?

However, the conventions of etiquette can be avoided if you are in a beautiful bottle prepodnesesh sealed box with a note: "To be opened in the morning on January 1!".

Chocolates has long ceased to be perceived as a gift.It is rather a formal token (a la handshake).
Moreover, sweet love is not everything.

Give Jewelry - bad form.The only exceptions are considered wristwatch.
Just do not forget to make them in advance and put the time.

very expensive things are not accepted to give in the New Year, even superior.But if you do not care about conventions, to know in advance what the boss wants to.
Generally speaking, if a group of subordinates decided to donate a fireplace, you should be fully aware that the fire chief is needed is where to put it.

roads and major gift should match the taste and aesthetic requirements of the person to whom it is presented.
example that supposed to do with the boss bestowed landscape Shishkin, if it home and office in a modern style?

short, the gift should be a joy, not a burden.

One company was a case where the head of department staff presented a ticket to Thailand.
As it turned out, the chief terribly afraid of flying aircraft and permit remained unclaimed.
Besides chef regarded this an expensive gift, as a hint of his subordinates: "Well you'd dumped a couple of weeks. Yes, hell!"

Just as the picture needs a beautiful frame, and requires a gift attractive packaging.
It gives presents special charm and mood.

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