How to Start Making rewrite

the vast network a lot of articles about what a rewrite.It is easy to find information about where you can make rewriting.About how it is to work and earn far less materials, but they are still there.However, no matter how detailed and comprehensive information to the reader does not present, will still ask questions.They sound something like this."And what to do"?"Explain to a human.""But where to start?""But where to get the article?"

It would seem that the author of the article all the "chewed".Posted where, how and what to do to make money online.And he said to "explain in their own words."Here the author falls into a stupor.It is time to bang your head against the wall.The reasons for this behavior are covered in darkness.Either people do not read the text, you are not able to receive the information.It does not help any explanations, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.Comparisons refinement rewording powerless.

fact remains.On the short "So what?" Shatters all the enthusiasm of th

e authors.But let us not despair and try the same human being, in his own words tell: how to start earning rewrite.There must be a way to get through to the consciousness of the reader.Therefore, we are exaggerating, and simplify a dialogue popular answers to common questions.

- What should I do?
- rewrite the article in your own words.
- And where to take Article
- If you write articles for sale, it will approach any article from any site of any content and volume.If you take for your order on the stock exchange, will be listed in the job source for rewriting.
- But where to start?
- of course, with the registration on the Exchange of copyright.Step number two - pen test.Make rewrite all the text and set for sale.Define your speed and the amount available for you.Then you can either take your order, or continue to write for sale.
- And is not dangerous to provide personal data on the stock exchange?
- From real personal data, you can only specify the number of purse WebMoney.
- And this is not a scam.
- Rewrite - is honest work online without attachments.

- But I did not throw?I will give the money earned?
- Of course, you will give your money.You do not throw.When working on the exchange you are completely immune to fraud.Exchange of copyright acts as an intermediary and guarantees payment.Since taking the job in order the money blocked on account of the exchange, and after approval by the customer are transferred to your account.
- How can I cash out the money?
- A bank that is certified to work with WebMoney, you can issue a card.There are specialized services and companies, which can be cashed for you virtual money.In the end, you can just pay for internet, telephone, rent and make purchases over the Internet.
- A rewrite to really make good money?
- Really, but for this to work.Nobody will pay you for a reason.If you devote enough time, responsible attitude to work and earn money authority will not only normal, but quite decent.If you look at the fees ovyh top copywriters, it begins to feel dizzy, give way feet and hands were shaking.