What is a metaphor, and where it is used

Among the artistic means at the disposal of any author is zavistimosti of the genre, in which he writes, occupies a special place metaphor.It allows you to enrich it and to paint in the desired emotional shades of almost any product that best convey the image of an object or phenomenon.What is a metaphor?This transfer of the properties of one object or phenomenon to another, based on their similarity, that is something like a comparison, only hidden, without the word "how" and the like, but the reader is fully aware that this is a comparison.

This may be to use the same object name to describe the properties of another.An example is the line of many poetic works, such as "pedestrians face the rain sucked" Mayakovsky - it is clear that the unfortunate citizens no sucking, and they just came under a heavy rain, but the image was very bright and clear - if the author has written more thanright, we would have much less expressive.Sometimes, in order to determine exactly this metaphor or epithet should be

clearly understood that such a metaphor, and that such an epithet, and it does not always help.First of all, it concerns the adjectives such as "golden autumn" - the word "gold" here can be viewed as a metaphor and as an epithet.

also features metaphors can carry the entire works of the characters: in particular, it is inherent in the works of Gorky, for example, the image of the mother in the same product.Also, the value of metaphors are almost all proverbs and sayings, such as "too many cooks spoil the broth" applies not only to the relatively rare situation where there are seven governesses per poor child.

To understand what a metaphor, one can imagine a situation where one person is trying a long and tedious to explain to another how he sees this or that phenomenon - as we know, it's pretty easy, but in this case, you can turn to expressive images,and then all at once will fall into place.That is a function of metaphor comes fast and straightforward transfer of emotions or feelings.

In fact, do not necessarily know what a metaphor to use it.We are confronted with them is not only highly artistic works.For example, images of dreams - it is almost always the metaphor, which is why they are one of the first and favorite subjects of study psychologists and psychiatrists.By the way, do these professionals in their work, too, often use the metaphor - this helps them find a more subtle approach to patients.

and we also: often in everyday life there are situations when there is inappropriate to say something right, and we have to look for words that convey the desired meaning, but in fact quite different: as we have seen, it is also a metaphor.

very widely used metaphor in advertising: the majority of advertising slogans - metaphor.In fact, if you take them literally - often it turns out some nonsense, but, nevertheless, they resonate just at those addressed, and because they do not always reflect what a metaphor, and all the more soit is addressed to them.

Thus, a metaphor - it is one of the most common methods of language that has long gone beyond the literature and has been successfully used by each of us in everyday life.Metaphor allows a person instead of a long and confusing explanations most accurately convey what he wants to say in any situation.Without this feature means it would be much harder to find an echo in the hearts of others, not only poets and writers, but also for all of us.It's such a unique thing, which helps everyone, no matter if they know what a metaphor.